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    Jean Martin Placement Papers
    Data structure based questions1. stack push pop minimum2. create two stack using single array3. possible permutations of given string4. gcd of 2 nos5. find the nth fibonacci no6. quick sort7. heap sort8. find the minimum of tree node in binary search tree9. delete a node from BST
    Jean Martin Placement Papers
    : the questions are asked on shell programming database management systems and pl/sql , oracle, networking, graphics, html, javascript, xml, dom, php, php programming will be asked and python and perl only only.following are the rounds::--1) objectives 50 questions 50 minutes based on the topics mentioned above onlyand there was no aptitude and reasoning2) php programming like associative array and debugging concepts only3) 3 technical rounds based on the topics mentioned above only4) HRi got selected…