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    Technical - Other IT-BHU - 9 August
    MENTOR PAPER ON 9th AUGUSTC/C++1) what will be the out put of program..main(){char *s[]={,asdasd,,,asdfgf,,,fgjhgj,,,tyuuuy,,,dsfgfds,,,dfdsgf,};char **p;p=for(int i=0;i<(sizeof(s)/sizeof(char *));i++)printf("%u",++*s);printf("%u",*++s);}2) what the program do... vob (int a ,int b){a=a^b;b=a^b;a=a^b;}ficssa(int a[], int n){for(int i=0;i
    Mentor Paper Candidates Experiences
    Company : Mentor Graphics D |---------|Q, D|-------|-----| |------------| |--------Q| | | |clk--|--|> |--- |---|> |--------| | --------| | |--------|| ||-------|>------------| (based on this figure 2 questions) 1. positive or negative triggering? 2. Delay of first filp flop is d1 and delay of second flipflop is d2. What is satup and read out times 3. what is the representation in -2 box for 3 and -3 ? only 0 an 1 are allowed. 4. An 8 bit full adder is constructed by(i) by using Halfadder(conventional)(ii)…