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These nyros technology company papers are just samples to help you to prepare for job interview. Download them on your mobile and computer and study them.
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    NYROS TECHNOLOGY Placement Papers
    i attended for NYROS TECHNOLOGY on 17/12/2011-- written test contains 15quest-maths,15q- english,20 q-c,c++ and java.(WE have to write answers for all questions no options given)maths- total 15 quest3 orange,4 banana,5 apple cost 10rs probs-1questtypist types this many pages in 1 hr-1questsimplification of two equation -2questprofit and loss-3qdistance time-3qpermutation/combination-1qboat upstream/downstream prob-1qtime and work-1questEnglish-15 questionssynonyms:-5 questionsconsole-desperate-correction…