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    Technical - C & C++ Inderprastha Engg. College, Ghaziabad 12 April 2007
    R SYSTEMS PAPER ON 12th APRIL AT GHAZIABAD Technical questions on C/C++ R-System Noida. if base address of array a is 65584#include #include void main(){int a[5]={2,1,4,7,8};clrscr();printf(%u\t%u, a+1,&a+1);getch();} Print value of i ?#include #include void main(){int i=1*4/3-27%3^2+100*0.5(4>3?1:2);clrscr();printf(%d, i);getch();} write output of program.#include #include void main(){int a[5]={2,1};clrscr();printf(%\d\t%d\t%d, a[3],a[4],a[2]);getch();} 4. #include #include void main(){int…
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    PLANETASIA PLACEMENT PAPER AND PATTERN The test consisted of 65 questions to be answered in 65 mins 4 sections:1)aptitude(15 q15 mins)2)c & data structures(15q15 mins)3)oops/c++/java(20q-20 mins)4)OS/unix/windows(15q15mins)adjust ur own time for each section as the entire paper was given in the begining itself. negative marking was present (1/4)..different sets are there but i think they all have the same questions arranged in different order some of the questions which i can remember…