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    Verchaska Placement Papers
    hi,all of you i am pavan and i attened the interview in verchaska, there is 3 round.1) APPTI2) GD3) HRi am giving you the appti question of verchaska in dec 2010 as below(1) Which letter does not belong in this series?H D R Y L(2) Which alpha-numeric is the odd one out?9D 8F 3E 6C(3) If 52 C in a D means 52 cards in a deck, what do the following mean?(a) 8S on a SS(b) 2S to ES(c) 1F over the CN(d) 1 and 2 BMS(e) 1 P of PP that PPP(f ) 8B and all is W(g) 2M for SS(4) How can an egg be boiled for…