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    General - Other Dehradun - 13 October 2006
    TORRY HARRIS PAPER ON 13th OCTOBER AT DEHRADUN Hi alli got selected at Torry Harris pool-campus held at DIT Dehradunon 12-13oct 2006 Selection procedure Elligibilty:: 60% in MCA / (CS,IT,EC) but at offer letter they ask 65% on completion of degree.. Exams---- 1. Written 2. GD 3 interview (tech +HR) WRITTEN exam had 20 ques time 20 min 7 apti (M.Tyra type) 7 networking protocols others on C, C++ n Java GD topic :: Should Sachin Tendulkar take retirement? interview ----- OSI Model layers a program…
    Yantro Company Profile
    YANTRO is an multinational IT services that delivers affordable business and technology solutions. Founded in 2003 at Chennai, India, and pioneering the offshore software project and software product development process.YANTRO offshore development office is a 100% export oriented unit (EOU) registered with the Software Technology Park of India (STPI). Offshore software development adds value in terms of time, cost and quality and gives considerable structure to project execution and benefits all…