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Oni Enterprises At Kolkata
Vacancy : Actors - hundreds of aspiring and good actors 
About you :   You know you can act. You love acting, you live for acting, you are at peace simply enacting various roles in innumerable films.
Category : Low Budget 5 minute films
Numbers : Approx 95 or more in number 
Fees : Low Budget Films hence low Budget Fees. 
Task : Playing multi roles
Your plus point : You can get props and garments desired for each role from your own source and take it back. Damage is at your own risk. Your own Face make up also will be from your own source .
Posting : Acting position is in Kolkata. You go home every day in Kolkata
Meals : None
Travel reimbursement : None
If interested in serious acting contact: A Roy Choudhury , ONI ENTERPRISES

Candidate Profile

Oni Enterprises is looking for .Kolkata
Location : Kolkata
Experience : 1 (yrs)

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