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    Consagous Technologies Placement Papers
    Interview Question of Consagous technologies (p) ltd.Hi FriendsI am SIDDHARTH SONI from Indore and persuing my BE from Lord Krishna College of Tech . The Consagous technologies (p) ltd. has been conducted a Campus in my college and I got the job...their were 3 Round conduct.1) GD Round:- Topics:-1) China is a threat for Indian IT industry or not2) Adult Bollywood movies is good for teenger or notAnd many social issue ... 2)Written test:- The written test was basically depends on the technical part.…
    Consagous Technologies Placement Papers
    Hii friends I am Aamir sohail and here to share my experience with this campus...No. of rounds:1. GD2. Written test3. Technical round4. HRGroup Discussion: In GD I got topic "Effect of Movies on Youth, is it good or bad?". Everyone got chance to speak. They examined the fluency and point of view on topic. I was selected in this round. Written Test: In written, there were 30 to 40 question including 5 subjective, they are,1 What is RTTI(Run Time Type Information)?2 What is containership?3 What is…