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Download hp Placement Papers in MS Word and PDF Format for Job Interview

List of all download hp placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Click Here View Job List. This page will help you to get all details about download hp placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Download hp placement papers in PDF and Ms word format. Latest and hp last 5 years placement papers with solutions pdf download for campus job.

HP Placement Paper : HP Gurgaon - 21 February 2009

APTITUDE QUESTION OF HEWITT 60 question 60 minute

the age of man is 32 years and 8 years ago what was the age of man
i)x-32 ii) 32-x iii) x-24 iv)24-x

A monkey climbs 6 mts and falls 3mts in alternate minutes.Then time taken to climb a tree 60metres high?
a. 35 b.37 c.32 d.34 (think the answer is 37)

A man gets a gain of x%. but if he had sold at twice the cost price, what will be his gain?(question not sure) a. 2x b.200-2x c.100+x (not sure of the options)

A trader marks his goods and declares two successive discounts of 10% each. What is his overall Price?

a) 19% gain b) 4% gain c) 4% loss (A) d) 19% loss e) No loss No gain

series related question 2-3 like
64,125,216....... what next ans 243
1 2 6 24 .... what next ans 120

grammatical correction 2 question

I am afraid that due to illness, the man whom youíve all come to hear________________ performing tonight
a) will not be

b) has not been

c) had not been

d) was not

2 synonyms question upto 2

Caleneder questions upto 4

genrel aptitude related to discount,quadratic,Rectangle,age,percentage, upto 15 question

3 sets questions

5 logical reasoning question

Find odd man out of the given Alphabet 2 question

analogy question like
1. celebrate::marriage
2. bouquet::flowers
interview question

introduce yourself?
basic concept of Pl/SQL?
what is procedure?
what is function?
wap factorial and pyramid programee?
there is a nine ball out of wch 8 balls of 100 g and 1 balls is 110 gram so how many attempt is needed to find the odd ball ?
there are 3 bulbs inside a room and three switches outside how will you know wch switch is for wch bulb?
what is i stand in oracle 9i?
how many layers in OSI model?
what is the function of sesson layer?
what is join ?
how many type of join expalin with example?
explain your project?
how many forms on your project?
what is cursor?
types of cursor?
different type of testing and explain it?
what is black box testing,white box testing,intregation testing,unit testing?
difference beetwen intregation and unit testing?
expalin trigger how trigger is called?
what is data dictonary?
what is normalization?
expalin Ist NF 2ND NF and 3rd Nf wth example?

HP Placement Paper : HP Mit, Manipal - 11 August 2006


3 Rounds of interview
1-Written Test
3-Hr Round

1-Written Test

4 parts

First part was Engish.There was a comprehension and aticle and preposition filling and synonyms and rearranging the sentences.

Sceond part was analytical reaoning- set theory,cubes and age.

Third part- verbal and non-verbal R.s agarwal--- Questions like if + is - and / is + and son on.. what will the value be. Find the odd one out and there were conditions given inference some answers from those.

Fourth part- A 3 page long passage was given.We were told to read it for 15 mins.Then answer a set of question after that.

2-Technical Round

Questions on C,C++,Java and Unix.They will ask your specialized subject and ask questions according to that.They also ask about projects.

3-Hr Round It is an informal round. They ask about Hp. What do we expect from Hp.

HP Placement Paper : HP GITAM, Visakhapatnam - 21 January 2010

Today we had HP company on campus to our college, GITAM, Visakhapatnam.
The selection process totally has four rounds...
Written test
Group Discussion
Technical round
Finally HR
For CSE, IT and MCA, the pattern is as follows.
In written test, there are 6 sections
In APTITUDE, they asked totally 25 questions for 30minutes.
some questions on Data Sufficiency, some questions on Venn Diagrams, cubes and speed and time one question, time management
one question, blood relation 1-question (very easy).
I remember this much only.
Try to complete in given time.There are no negative marks.
In section 2 ten questions on C language like NULL present in which header file, syntax of malloc, one question on pointers,
find the error what is the output type questions its very easy to complete within the time.
In sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 there are 5 questions each on DS, OS, DBMS, UNIX (order is not sure) subjects. Questions are very
simple and basic concepts. It is very simple to answer most of the questions.
Nearly 110+ students attended for written from MCA, 15 were short listed for GD round. Overall 64 members were short listed
for GD round.
Our topic is : "GLOBAL WARMING";
I have speaken twice.
7 were cleared in GD from MCA (overall 27)
All are very friendly with us
I am the first person for this round.
I entered the room,
good evening mam,
she asked me to tell me about myself. I told about ten minutes.
Then she asked me questions from each subject which present in my resume.
in java she asked me
what is swing
what is the difference between window and frame
life cycle of servelet
what is package
in c she asked me to write a program for armstrong number
in C++ virtual constructors and destructors, polymorphism
in DS convertion of infix to postfix the string is a+b*c(g+h/i)+j (not sure), Sorting techniques and their differences, what
is pivot element.
some unix commands
paging concept in OS
in DBMS constraints and norm forms.
Be confident in what ever you say
thats my technical round got selected and waited for HR
good evening sir, and a shakehand with smile,
he is also very friendly,cooperative with my answers
he read my resume about 5 minutes and asked me how u can improve your communication skills
then I replied and he convinced with my answer and gave a situation and asked me to write few sentences without grammer
mistakes. I tried and got a some mistakes. Then he told me to improve your english and I said definetly sir and then He asked
me some questions on Cricket. The HR round was very easy and I felt like a Friendly chat.
Finally i was selected for HP.
So friends be cool and be confident and make sure you were not seen as tensed way.
Finally 5 from MCA selected.(totally 15 from GITAM)

HP Placement Paper : HP Oxford Engg College, Bangalore - 12 January 2011

ITO Fresher Hiring.
There are 50 questions in written test. They give 3 set of question paper.

First set contain 25 verbal. It is so difficult to me.

Then second set of questions are very easy. It is contain sequence diagram, paragraph question and similar too.
And finally third set have 15 questions based on DSL.

All the best for your future!

HP Placement Paper : HP MIT,manipal - 17 March 2010

they allowed ECE,EEE,CSE,IT

selection process steps
1-Written Test
3-Hr Round

1-Written Test

in written test three sections you can opt for JAVA,C,C++
i chose C++.

4 parts in each section
each part of 20 or 25 ques aprrox 100 questns
each section 25 mins

First part was C,C++. qstns on fundamentals ,programs and their output . objective type

Second part was - verbal and non-verbal R.s agarwal figure pattern ,ages ,sets etc

Third part was again on C,C++ little more intensive objective type long programs like reverse a integer , sum of digits of
all numbers etc. tests your fundamentals

Fourth part- OS and Networking questions on OSI layers ,heaps,stacks queue,dequeue and like that routing table etc.

2-Technical Round

They will ask your specialized subject and ask questions according to that.
i said electronics,c++,up
they asked about diode,then how to count no of 1,s in a given integer in C++.
what is difference b/w function declaration and function definition

then they started asking some aptitude questions .not that difficult though

3-Hr Round It is an informal round. They ask about Hp. What do we expect from Hp.

finally they selected 6 from CS,1 from ece

HP Placement Paper : HP Gitam, Visakhapatnam - 11 July 2007

totally four rounds...
Written test
Group discussion
Technical round
Finally hr

in written test, there are two sections for both IT and non IT branches.....aptitude and technical,there will be two sets
In APTITUDE, they asked totally 25 questions for 30minutes....
some questions on venn diagrams(1,2,3,4)(little hard but can get it ), one question on ratio and proportion, ages, (4-5) questions on Data Sufficiency, 5 questions on binary decimals(very easy), speed and time one question, one problem on series(it is hard better leave it if you cant do it,but dont waste time), directions-1 question(very easy), blood relation 1-question (very easy),,............i remember this much only.......

try to complete in given time..............i dont the cut-off.......
Next is TECHNICAL, there are totally 30 questions in 40 minutes. i dont remember questions but.....for CSE and non CSE,the papar is different,dont worry, i am from EEE branch, and my paper was very easy,,,,,,,,,its all C pointers, matrices in arrays, structures, errors type questions,,,,, and from digital circuit design (using gates,,)etc
for CSE people they were asking many questions on all programming languages it seems,, C, C++, UNIX,dbms,etc.............
naerly 300 attended written 100 were short listed for GD round.......

our topic is : "SHOULD INDIANS ARE ALLOWED TO GO ABROARD"; i have speaken twice, i got a chance for less no. of times because i sat at more topic i got to know from my friends is " LIFE IN SPACE" .38 were cleared in GD

all are very friendly with us
my round came,i entered the room,
good evening sir,
he saw all my education details,he asked me why i have scored less in tenth class,i said ,sir i have started my studies from my tenth in a better way,he convinced with my answer....
be confident in what ever you say
he asked questions on c program(wap on factorial)
he asked for my favourite subject
i said electrical machines
he is basically from electronics so he could ask any questions from machines
then he asked questions from linear integrated circuits (LIC) and power electronics(SCR)
difference betweem diode and SCR
draw characteristics and diagram of both and difference between them........
few questions data structures(linear linked lists,doubly linked list,stacks, queues);
thats my technical round got selected and waited for HR

good evening sir,
he introduced himself,he is also very friendly,cooperative with my answers
again same question.....why is your tenth marks are so less
are you feeling sir,i smiled
he said i think you are always smiling
i said yes sir,
what is your father & mother occupation
your brother doing
one suitation question,if your principal was given Rs.50000/- for your computer lab commence.......what will you first..............and if four more members were also given the same job what will you do
if you selected and appointed in bangalore how will you manage your time when you have stay atleast 30 km far from office
have you visited bangalore or chennai any time,,,,
will you find any difficulty in staying outside
will your parents agree for this
do ytou wanted to ask any questions on hp or else any thing
can you tell my weakness that you found now..he said i am weak in communication,and not focus on one particular area i.e. my thinking ability is not fixed
finally i was selected for hp......

so friends be cool and confident and make sure you were not seen as tensed way and dont show exprassions to them so that they may catch you out of 20 girls they selected 10 girls. i dont know the total selected number

HP Placement Paper : HP 22 July 2008


Four rounds

3.Technical(may be 2 rounds)

TEST (six sections)(214 attended)
a. Analytical
Mostly venn diagrams, sums like $ for 0 , * for 1 and 5 qns asked from that)

b. OS
c. Data communication and networking (also some problems were asked)
d. C and UNIX
f. I donít know d other section

GD(67 attended)

For my panel ,they asked discuss on our own topic

We choose Tea Vs Coffee

Here they will select half of the count I think so.

Technical (time was something around 10.30)(44 attended)

Since I told tat I am good in C, they asked to write two programs
1.swap 2nos using pointers
2.string reverse using pointers
3.he gave one quantitative qn
4.some qns on DBMS (my area of interest) (foreign key,3cnf,)
5.asked about compiler (lex tool)

They expect cse graduate to work on unix

HR (time 12 passed)(17 attended & no elimination)

They will ask everything in your resume

Ur strength, weakness, role model, hobbies, etc

Be prepared.

HP Placement Paper : HP Panimalar College of Engg, Chennai - 13 July 2007


here was one puzzle like there are 6 members in a family n they are teacher, student, engineer, lawyer, docter and housewife.
2 is mother of 3 who is a teacher
4 is Grand mother of 3 that is a house wife.
3 is sister of 1
6 is father of 1 that is doctor
and 5 is lawyer father of 6

Q1- who is student
Q2- who is engineer.
Q3- who is a girl in the family.
Q4 - sum of the no between 1 to 100 divisible by 2 and 5.
ans 550
Q5 - some question were from english series as which will be next
ADEHI .... and is LM
Q6- some were from probability.
as 2 dice are thrown and probabily of coming some more than 8.
some question were from reasoning....

and in last there was technical question from DS, VB and .Net as
1 - the size of text box.
2 - the size of msg box
3- what operator used to compare two string
4- DIM i,j means ... variant i,and variant j

Operating Systems
Study all the unix commands & some basic networking concepts like DHCP, Dynamic NAT, RARP, ARP, UDP, DNS. Unix : Grep, sed, basic perl program whose o/p is to be predicted. Pipes. You can expect some nasty & tricky questions !. But this section is kool not to worry too much

Section 2 : Programming part
C programs & Java programs. The programs seems to be easy but bcoz of the Negative marking (0.5) we have to be very clear. No bluffing ok! The programs are easy. Programs were on Fork, PID, Basic C syntax, Basics of Java, Exception handling, Inheritance, Strings, Cast conversion, Object linking etc

Section 3 : Aptitude
Most of the questions can be found from other placement papers like Sonata, TCS, Caritor. Nothing to worry much. But again you have to be very confident about the answers.

HP Placement Paper : HP FIEM - 15 May 2007


hello everbody ...hope my questions will help

1.the paper was totally filled with c.
2.some programs were given and u are asked for the output.
3. give the o/p of the following programs>>>
{ printf("%d",scanf("%d%d",printf,scanf));
1)2 2)2 2 3)0 4)error

b)there was a program of swaping by pointer(check it out)

{char *p="quick";
char q[]="sort";
char *t;

1)quick sort 2)sort sort 3)quickqick 4)sort quick

{ int s[]={1,2,3,4,5,6};
1)error 2)8 3)6 4)0

e)try to know pointer and its various operation (say what will happen if 2 pointer is added or int pointer is addressed to a char etc.)
4.try to know something about firewall and its functions

best of luck

HP Placement Paper : HP BANGALORE - 21 October 2003


I attended the test conducted on 21st of oct at their office 29,Cunningham Road. There were 80 q,s to be answered in 75mins unlike the previous ones.

there were 3 sections
PART- 1 --> 40 q,s (Fundamental computer Concepts, includes OS,N/w , protocols)
PART-2 --> 20 q,s (Purely C ) -- bit tricky (involves ADA concepts)
PART-3 --> 20 q,s (Analytical) --- very easy

I don,t remeber all the q,s.however some of them which i do have been written below. They r not in order or part of .

Q : What is not a part of OS ?
O : swapper,compiler,device driver,file system.
A : compiler.

Q : what is the condition called when the CPU is busy swapping in and out pages of memory without doing any useful work ?
O : Dining philosopher,s problem,thrashing,racearound,option d
A: thrashing.

Q : How are the pages got into main memory from secondary memory? DMA, Interrupts,option3, option 4
A : as far as i know its Interrupts --by raising a page fault exception.

Q : What is the use of Indexing ?
O : fast linear access, fast random access, sorting of records , option 4
A : find out.

Q : in terms of both space and time which sorting is effecient. (The question is rephrased .)
O : merge sort, bubble sort, quick sort, option 4
A : find out

which case statement will be executed in the following code ?
int i =1;
case 1 : printf ("");
case 2 : printf("");
default : printf("");

Answer : Case1 will only be executed.

Q : In the given structure how do you initialize the day feild?
struct time {
char * day ;
int * mon ;
int * year ;
} * times;

Options : *(times).day, *(times->day), *times->*day.

Answer : *(times->day) -- after the execution of this statement compiler generates
error.i didn,t understand why.can anybody explain.

Q: The char has 1 byte boundary , short has 2 byte boundary, int has 4 byte boundary.
what is the total no: of bytes consumed by the following structure:
struct st {
char a ;
char b;
short c ;
int z[2] ;
char d ;
short f;
int q ;

Options are given.
Answer : its very easy 20 and not 19 .

Apart from these there were other q,s concerning minimal spanning tree, shortest path and some complexity questions.

(Paper Submitted By : Arun)
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