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Download sail Placement Papers in MS Word and PDF Format for Job Interview

List of all download sail placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Click Here View Job List. This page will help you to get all details about download sail placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Download sail placement papers in PDF and Ms word format. Latest and sail last 5 years placement papers with solutions pdf download for campus job.

Sail Placement Paper : SAIL Placement Paper SAIL General Awareness 14 July 2012

SAIL Exam General Awareness with answers
1. Which of the following is the slogancan be associated with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)?
a. Earth and nature
b. Nature is life
c. For a living planet-Ans.
d. Life and planet

2. Pulsar, Discover and Ninja , are names of bike models that you would associate with …
a. TVS Motors Ltd
b. Bajaj Auto Ltd-Ans.
c. Hero Honda Motors Ltd
d. Honda Motors Ltd

3. Servo brand of industrial oil belongs to the stable of …
b. Indian Oil Corporation-Ans.

4. Which company is a joint venture between Norway’s leading Telecom operator Telenorand India’s leading reality major,
Unitech, and has recently launched the mobile phone services in India?
a. Peninor
b. Uninor-Ans.
c. Teletech
d. None of these

5. Real GDP growth rate in the second quarter of 2009-10 was?
a. 6.1 per cent
b. 6.7 per cent
c. 7.1 per cent
d. 7.9 per cent-Ans.

6. The Union Minister for Corporate Affairs is ...
a. SK Shinde
b. Salman Khursheed-Ans.
c. Veerappa Moily
d. None of these

7. What is the percentage stake acquired by Arcelor Mittal in Uttam Galva Steel in a deal worth 422 crores recently?
a. 21 per cent
b. 23 per cent
c. 25 per cent
d. 29 per cent-Ans.

8. The amount invested by the Venture Capital fi rms in around 92 deals in India by the end of 2009 is?
a. $345 million
b. $475 million-Ans.
c. $550 million
d. $640 million

9. Subir Raha who passed away recently, was an outstanding public service executive and headed one of the major oil companies of India. Identify the name of the organisation that he headed
a. IOC
b. ONGC-Ans.

10. The name of the recently appointed disinvestment secretary of India is …
a. Ashok Chawla
b. Sumit Bose-Ans.
c. Sunil Mitra
d. Krishna Kumar Goyal

11. Which veteran journalist has been appointed as the chairman of the Prasar Bharti recently.
a. Vir Sanghvi
b. N. Ram
c. Mrinal Pandey-Ans.
d. Pravin Swami

12. Name the famous businessperson from India who was awarded the ‘Order of Diplomatic Service Merit’ by South Korea recently.
a. Rahul Bajaj
b. Venu Srinivasan-Ans.
c. Vijay Mallaya
d. Kumaramangalam Birla

13. Identify the name of the bank whose punch line is ‘where every individual is committed’.
a. Indian Bank
b. Bank of India
c. Oriental Bank ofCommerce-Ans.
d. Bank of Baroda

14. The fi rst city in the world where metro started is?
a. New York
b. London-Ans.
c. Tokyo
d. Hong Kong

15. The deal in which Edelweiss Capital bought domestic retail brokering fi rm Angram Capital recently was worth?
a. Rs. 64 crore
b. Rs. 164 crore-Ans.
c. Rs. 264 crore
d. Rs. 364 crore

16. Identify the name of the automobile major which recently recalled millions of its sold vehicles that were potentially prone to uncontrolled acceleration ...
a. General Motors
b. Toyota Motors-Ans.
c. Ford Motors
d. Honda Motors

17. Identify is the new group CEO of Tata Motors?
a. Allan Mullalay
b. Carl Peter Forster-Ans.
c. Rick Wagoner Jr
d. PM Telang

18. Recently Bharti Airtel bided for the Kuwait based Zain Telecom’s Affrican assets. What was the amount of the bid?
a. $ 9.8 billion
b. $10.7 billion-Ans.
c. $12.2 billion
d. $ 14.9 billion

19. The present chief economic advisor to the Finance minister of India...
a. Deepak C Jain
b. Bimal Jalan
c. Bibek Debroy
d. Kaushik Basu-Ans.

20. Boxster S - the car model can be associate with …
a. Volkswagen AG
b. Porsche-Ans.
c. Ford Motors
d. General Motors

21. Identify the main author of The Maruti Story ...
a. Jagadish Khattar
b. RC Bhargava-Ans.
c. Ravi Kant
d. None of these

22. D. Shiva Kumar is the managing director of ….
a. LG India
b. Nokia India-Ans.
c. Sony India
d. IBM India

23. Pranab Mukharjee represented maximum budgets in the history of India. How many budgets has he represented so far …
a. 4 times
b. 5 times
c. 6 times-Ans.
d. 7 times

24. As per the Union Budget 2010-2011, the percentage increase in the allocation for the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is?
a. 10 per cent
b. 15 per cent-Ans.
c. 20 per cent
d. 25 per cent

25. As per the Union Budget 2010-2011, which of the following represents the percentage of the planned expenditure that is allocated for the infrastructure development?
a. 35 per cent
b. 46 per cent-Ans.
c. 52 per cent
d. 56 per cent

26. Author of "INDIA 2039 An Affl uent Society in One Generation" is …
a. VJ Taraporevala
b. Bibek Debroy-Ans.
c. Onkar Goswami
d. Ashok V Desai

27. ‘Obsessed with quality since 1895’, is the punch line of …
a. Volkswagen AG
b. TAG Heuer
c. Skoda Automobiles-Ans.
d. Swarovski

28. Rodeo, Duro and Flyte are the names of the two wheelers that originally belonged to …
a. Hero Honda Motors
b. Kinetic Engineering Ltd-Ans.
c. Bajaj Auto Ltd
d. TVS Motors Ltd

29. Prius is the name of the car brand that was launched by …
a. Hyundai Motors Ltd
b. Honda Motors Ltd
c. General Motors
d. Toyota Motors-Ans.

30. Who amongst the following is the present Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)?
a. KT Chacko
b. RS Gujral-Ans.
c. Saarthak Behuria
d. None of these

31. The Double Life of Ramalinga Raju The Story of India’s Corporate Fraud, is authored by …
a. Raghav Bahl
b. Udayan Bose
c. Kingshuk Nag-Ans.
d. Gita Piramal

32. The fi rst Fortune 200 Chief Executive Offi cer to tweet his resignation recently was
a. Eric Schmidt
b. Jonathan Schwartz-Ans.
c. John T Chambers
d. Samuel J Palmasino

33. The India businessman to win the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur award for the Year 2009 is?
a. PC Reddy
b. Anand Mahindra-Ans.
c. KP Singh
d. Tulsi Tanti

34. KN Raj, a famous economist of India who passed away recently was famous for his …
a. Karnataka Model ofdevelopment
b. Kerala Model ofdevelopment-Ans.
c. Tamil Nadu Model ofdevelopment
d. Maharashtra Model of development

35. As per the domestic passenger vehicles sales in January 2010 , which of the following was the market leader?
a. Tata Motors
b. Hyundai Motors India Ltd
c. Maruti Suzuki Ltd-Ans.
d. Honda Motors India Ltd

36. Recently SEBI constituted a committee for the review of the ownership and governance structure of the stock exchanges of India. Identify the chairperson of this committee?
a. Deena Mehta
b. CB Bhave
c. Bimal Jalan-Ans.
d. Usha Thorat

37. As per a recent development, in order to overhaul the existing Public Distribution System that is considered as one of the factors for the increasing food prices in India, a 11 member committee has been constituted. It will be chaired by …
a. Pranab Mukharjee
b. Sharad Pawar
c. Montek Singh Ahluwalia
d. Dr. Manmohan Singh-Ans.

38. As per a recent development Fortis Healthcare will buy 23.9 per cent stake in a Singapore Healthcare provider Parkway holdings. Identify the worth of the deal from the given options?
a. $ 485 million
b. $ 585 million
c. $ 685 million-Ans.
d. $ 785 million

39. The richest person of the world according to the recent Forbes annual list of world’s top billionaires is?
a. Bill Gates
b. Warren Buffet
c. Carlos Slim Helu-Ans.
d. Ingwar Kemprad

40. The richest person of India according to the recent Forbes annual list of world’s top billionaires is?
a. LN Mittal
b. Mukesh Ambani-Ans.
c. Sunil Bharti Mittal
d. Anil Ambani

41. Which of the following represents India’s Industrial growth for the month of January 2010?
a. 15.6 per cent
b. 16.2 per cent
c. 16.7 per cent-Ans.
d. 17.3 per cent

42. You might have heard of IPO that is Initial Public Offer but which of the following represents the expansion of ‘F’ in ‘FPO’?
a. Finance
b. Follow-on-Ans.
c. Fringe
d. Foreign

43. Which of the following represents the expansion of DTC, linked with Financial sector?
a. Dealers Technological Corporation
b. Direct Tax Code-Ans.
c. Digital Taxation Codifi ed
d. Digitised Technical Code

44. As per the Union Budget 2010-2011, the amount allocated to extend the green revolution to the eastern region of the country is?
a. 400 crores-Ans.
b. 500 crores
c. 600 crores
d. 700 crores

45. As per the Union Budget 2010-2011, BE, which of the following represents the fi scal defi cit as a percentage of GDP?
a. 4.5 per cent
b. 5.2 per cent
c. 5.5 per cent-Ans.
d. 6.2 per cent

46. As per the new taxation slabs under the Union Budget 2010-2011, which of the following represents the amount up to which there is no tax?
a. 1.3 lakhs
b. 1.6 lakhs-Ans.
c. 1.8 lakhs
d. 2 lakhs

47. The new service tax rate as per the Union Budget of 2010-2011 is...
a. 10 per cent-Ans.
b. 10.5 per cent
c. 10.8 per cent
d. 11.2 per cent

48. Find the odd one out.
a. Civic
b. CRV
c. City
d. Getz-Ans.

49. The Generali group in the Future Generali insurance venture, hails from …
a. Germany
b. Italy-Ans.
c. France
d. Australia

50. The percentage stake of ICICI Bank in the ICICI Lombard General Insurance is ...
a. 66 per cent
b. 74 per cent-Ans.
c. 80 per cent
d. 85 per cent

1. Which of the following is not a rabi crop?
(a) Wheat
(b) Barley
(c) Jute
(d) Rapeseed
Ans. (c)
2. Blue Revolution is associated with
(a) Fish
(b) Milk
(c) flower
(d) Litmus
Ans. (a)
3. Study the following features of farming in India:
1. The farmers voluntarily pool their land together cultivation.
2. They divide the produce in proportion to the land pooled.
3. They forego their proprietary rights in the land.
4. They cannot withdraw their land from the pool after due notice and paying for the improvements.
Which of these features belong to cooperative farming?
(a) 1 and 2
(b) 1 and 3
(c) 2 and 4
(d) 3 and 4
Ans. (a)
4. Which of the following states is the main producer of Tendu Leaves?
(a) Orissa
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Maharashtra
(c) Uttar Pradesh
Ans. (b)
5. The largest food crop of India is
(a) wheat
(b) rice
(c) maize
(d) gram
Ans. (b)
6. The maximum edible oil in India is produced from
(a) Rapeseed and mustard
(b) Til
(c) Sunflower
(d) Groundnut
Ans. (d)
7. Tobacco cultivated in Gujarat is mostly used for the manufacture of
(a) beedi
(b) cigarette
(c) zarda
(d) snuff powder
Ans. (a)
8. India is the largest producer of
(a) tobacco
(b) sugar
(c) tea
(d) rice
Ans. (c)
9. Rubber plantations are located mostly in
(a) Kerala and Karnataka
(b) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
(c) Maharashtra and Kerala
(4) West Bengal and Kerala
Ans. (a)
10. Food grain production of India in million tones is nearest to the figure of
(a) 120
(b) 150
(c) 200
(d) 280
Ans. (c)
11. Self sufficiency in food, in the true sense of freedom from hunger, has not been achieved in India inspite of a more than three-fold rise in food grains production over 1950-1990. Which of the following are reason for it?
1. The Green Revolution has been restricted to small pockets of the country.
2. The cost of food is too high compared to the earnings of the poor.
3. Too much emphasis is laid on what and paddy compared to the coarse grains.
4. The gains of the green revolution have largely accrued to the cash crop rather than food crops.
(a) 1, 2 and 3
(c) l, 3 and 4
(b) 1, 2 and 4
(d) 2, 3 and 4
Ans. (a)
12. The state which is known as the ‘Granary of India’ is
(a) Kerala
(b) U.P
(c) Haryana
(d) Punjab
Ans. (d)
13. Which of the following states is the Leading producer of tobacco?
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Karnataka
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Andhra Pradesh
Ans. (c)
14. Which of the following is the most important cash crop of West Bengal?
(a) Tea
(b) Jute
(c) Arecanut
(d) Coffee
(e) None of these
Ans. (b)
15. Sowing season for kharif crop is
(a) February-March
(b) June -July
(c) August –September
(d) October -December
Ans. (b)
16. Which one of the following crop combinations is characteristic of the upper Bhramaputra Valley?
(a) Rice, Jute, Oilseeds
(b) Rice, Pulses, Oilseeds
(c) Rice, Tea, Oilseeds
(d) Tea, Gram, Jute
Ans. (c)
17. Which irrigation canal irrigates the portion of Thar Desert?
(a) Indira Gandhi canal
(b) Nangal canal
(c) Western Yamuna canal
(d) None of these
Ans. (c)
18. Which region in India is known as the ‘Rice Bowl of India’?
(a) North-east region
(b) Indo Gangetic plain
(c) Krishna -Godavari delta
(d) Kerala and Tamil Nadu
Ans. (c)
19. The highest milk producing breed of goat in India is
(a) Barbari
(b) Beetal
(c) Jamnapari
(d) Black Bengal
Ans. (b)
20. Which state produces maximum wheat in the country?
(a) Punjab
(b) U.P
(c) M.P
(d) Rajasthan
Ans. (b)
21. Which one of the following is not a part of the green revolution strategy?
(a) Irrigation
(b) Fertilizer
(c) High yielding varieties of seeds
(d) Crop insurance
Ans. (d)
22. Which of the following is not a rabi crop?
(a) Rice
(b) Wheat
(c) Linseed
(d) Barley
Ans. (a)
23. Which of the following states ranks first in the production of cotton in the country?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) West Bengal
(c Punjab
(d) Gujarat
Ans. (d)
24. In India, the greatest variety of flowers is found in
(a) Assam
(b) Kerala
(c) U.P. hills
(d) Sikkim
Ans. (d)
25. Bangladesh has become a leading competitor of India in the world in the field of
(a) cotton
(b) jute
(c) tea
(d) rice
Ans. (b)
26. Which of the following is the largest livestock ( in number) in India?
(a) Sheep
(b) Goats
(c) Buffaloes
(d) Horses and Ponies
Ans. (b)
27. Which of the following are true regarding Jhum cultivation in India?
1. It is largely practised in Assam
2 It is referred to as ‘slash and burn’ technique
3 in it, the fertility is exhausted in a few years
(a) l, 2 and 3
(b) l and 2
(c) 2 and 3
(d) 1 and 3
Ans. (a)
28. The most widely consumed cereal in India is
(a) barley
(b) wheat
(c) rice
(d) sorghum
Ans. (c)
29. Terrace farming is widely practised in
(a) Malabar coast
(b) Mountain areas
(c) Deserts
(d) Deccan plateau
Ans. (b)
30. Which of the following oilseed crops is grown most extensively in India?
(a) Mustard
(b) Linseed
(c) Sunflower
(d) Groundnut
Ans. (d)
31. Which of the following canals is not used for irrigation?
(a) Indira Gandhi Canal
(b) Buckingham Canal
(c) Western Yamuna Canal
(d) Upper Ganga Canal
Ans. (b)
32. In India, what percentage of area is covered by wheat growing regions?
(a) 10%
(b) 13.5%
(c) l7.8%
(d) 19.5%
Ans. (b)
33. The density of cattle population per 100 hectares of gross cropped area is the highest in
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Bihar
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Haryana
Ans. (d)
34 The maximum density of canals lies in which of the following states?
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Punjab
(d) Uttar Pradesh
Ans. (d)
35. Kerala is famous for the cultivation of
1. Coconut
2.Black pepper
3, Rubber
4. Groundnut
(a) l, 2 and 4
(b) 2, 3 ant 4
(c) l and 4
(d) l, 2, and 3
Ans. (d)
36. In the Northern Plains of India, rice is the main crop from Bengal to eastern Uttar Pradesh, whereas in western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab, wheat is the main produce. This is because
(a) in the eastern region, fine clayey soil is avail able
(b) the western region remains cold during the winter season.
(c) the average rainfall decreases towards the west.
(d) the cultivation of rice requires cheap labour force
Ans. (b)
37. Jute is grown on a large scale in the delta of
(a) Ganges
(b) Sutlej
(c) Damodar
(d) Indus
Ans. (c)
38. Indian farmers insurance against crop failure is the process of one of the major methods of risk coverage by Indian farmers in
(a) Dry farming
(b) Share cropping
(c) Mixed cropping
(d) Relay cropping
Ans. (c)
39. Consider the following statements:
I. The Green Revolution has been limited in its spatial coverage in India.
II. It has been confined mainly to Punjab, Haryana and western UttarPradesh.
Of these statements,
(a) both I and II are true.
(b) I is true but II is false.
(c) Both I and II are false.
(d) I is false but II is true.
Ans. (b)
40. India has attained self sufficiency in the production of
(a) coal
(b) iron
(c) nickel
(d) manganese
Ans. (d)
41. The largest coal deposit in India is in
(a) Godavari Valley
(b) Brahmani Valley
(c) Damodar Valley
(d) Satpura Valley
Ans. (c)
42. The headquarters of ONGC is situated at
(a) Bombay
(b) Delhi
(c) Dehradun
(d) Vadodara
Ans. (c)
43. Numaligarh in Assam is associated with which industry
(a) Oil refinery
(b) Automobile
(c) Cofee
(4) Cooperative farming
Ans. (a)
44. Mathura refinery receives crude oil from
(a) Cauvery basin
(b) Vadodara
(c) Kandla
(d) None of these
Ans. (d)
45. Which of the following power systems provides the highest quantity of energy in India?
(a) Hydroelectric
(b) Nuclear
(c) Thermal
(d) Wind and tidal
Ans. (a)
46. Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India because
(a) it has extensive dry coast
(b) its coastal waters are very saline
(c) it has extensive shallow seas
(d) besides producing salt from saline water it has reserves of rock salt
Ans. (c)
47. Coking coal is found in
(a) Rajasthan
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Bihar
(d) Orissa
Ans. (c)
48. The new oil refinery in North India is going to be set up at
(a) Bhatinda
(b) Panipat
(c) Udaipur
(d) Mathura
(e) Udhampur
Ans. (b)
49. Manganese ore is abundantly found in
(a) Karnataka
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Orissa
Ans. (c)
50. Bombay High is famous for
(a) atomic reactor
(b) steel plant
(c) chemical industry
(d) petroleum deposits
Ans. ( d)

Sail Placement Paper : SAIL Placement Paper HYDERABAD 14 July 2012



2GENERAL AWARNESS AND APTITUDE(100Q-in this ga contain approx 30Q and remaining aptitude and reasoning,english)

some of the quetions i rememberd listed below


1.what is the sending end pf if resistance of line 500ohms ,300v and an impedence of 0.8j

a.unity b.0.8lag c.0.86lag d.0.8 lead

2.double integration of step function is ----

a.ramp b.parabola c.impulsre

3.what is frequency at which voltage across capacitor is maximum if r=25ohms ,L=0.04H,c=0.01uf a ckt ideal voltage sources and resistors are connected then if the value of resistance doubled then what happend to voltage?

a.doubled 2.unchanged


5.transfer function means...

a.ratio of output to input in z transform

b.ratio of output to input in laplace transform

6.finding inductance value for cables

7.temp coeff of intrinsic semi conductor

8.which of the following have high mobility b.SI c.GE AS p

9. finding peak over shoot and determinin type of system

10.two bits on insulators

11.if two inductors are L1=3mH ,l2=3mH connected in sreies differential connection and mutual inductance of 0.15mH,then wt is eq.inductance


1.LINEN is made from

2.alum is used to...

Answer:purification of drinking water

3.first atomic power plant established in....tharapur

4.based on which book "three idiots movie"released

5.satellite-B was launched by wich country

6.home rule league moment started in....etc


# simple and compound intrest

#profit and loss...more pbs on this nearly 20 problems

# Critical reasoning






Sail Placement Paper : SAIL Placement Paper New delhi, Mechanical ENGLISH 14 July 2012

technical part was very esay, most of the questions were from TOM (vibration)

any one can easily score 60+ score.


this portion was compare to last year there were no polotical questions from constitution.

some ques are....

1. allum is used for....?

ans-water purification which is used to clean water from moequeto...?

ans.-ghumbusia fish

3. 3-idiot is baed on which writer,s novel...?

ans-cheta bhagat

4. Home rule league movement started on...?

ans-after the world war 1

5. book of A.P.J. kalam translated in which language..?


6. first atomic p[ower plant of india.....?


7. first geostaticle sattelite of india...?

ans..INSAT 1

8. main criteria to decide inflation rate(mudrasfiti dar)

ans-CPI(consumer price index)

in my opinian 10+ marks in all sub sections of part 2 is enough. cut off may be between 110-120.

hope for the best and alll the best friends.....get fingure crossed.

Sail Placement Paper : SAIL Placement Paper Kolkata Electrical Engineer 7 July 2012

I have attanded SAIL MT Exam, which was on 15 th July 2012.

1) A Signal Input to the Control system from feedback which affect the output of Control System is called?

a) feedback signal

b) Stimulas

c) Input Signal

d) option i forgot

2) Breaking of DC serise motor can be done bye

a) reversing field only

b)reversing armeture only

c) by reversing field and armeture

d) non

3) Sheath is used in cable for ?

a) prevent moisture

b) insulator

c) prevent leakage

d) strength

4) Armouring is done on Cable for?

a) machinical support

b) to prevent leakage and fault

c) moisture

d) option i forget

Current Affairs

1) Sarad Powar launched 2012 as the year of

a) Agriculture

b) Horticulture

c) Pisiculture

d) non

Sail Placement Paper : SAIL Placement Paper Electronics 2 December 2012

I attended SAIL interview from electrical discipline on 2nd december in mumbai.

First of all there was document verification(markssheet,date of birthetc.),then about one hour batch of 10 people(i was in them) was sent for interview, another batch of 10 were sent for group discussion.

Interview- The board consisting of 4 members was sitting quite far from me,they did not asked for CV neither they asked to see markssheets.

They asked what subject I like , I said motors,then they asked about ward leonard test, hopkinson test, draw characteristis of induction motor,

Then they asked what else I like, I said reading economic news, i was expecting they will ask general things which appear in newspapers,

But they asked technical things like defict financing, types of balance sheets etc, i could not answer any.

Then I was asked to leave. Other candidates(in my batch) were asked about power electronics and digital electronics. The interview is a no-nonsence affair, do not reply wrong answer if you dont know.They are going to test you.

After that there was group discussion of three stages.

First stage- Topic- india should not bother about brain drain and should benifit from it by imposing levy on income of immigrants.We were given 5 minuts to think about it.then The group(of 10) was asked to reach a concious by discussing on it, time was 10 minutes

Stage 2- Topic- World health organisations,s wholesome health octave- 7 points, we were asked to prioritise points what we felt in correct order, then the group was asked to discuss and make a common priority list,15minutes time.

Stage 3- Imagine you are secretory of a club(of industralists only), beacuse of public pressure, you are to admit one common man in club, profile of 6 peoples were given, you have to choose one, then there was a group discussion, and group was asked to reach a common consious.

Free tip- it may happen that some one else grabbed the oppourtunity to speak first, or someone else is giving good points but you cant, still you can be in the race by controlling the group, it is common that people while explaining their views forget that there is a time limit, you can cut short their explanations and ask them to come directly to point(so our group could reach a common conscious in two stages.)

Sail Placement Paper : SAIL Placement Paper electronics and electrical July 2012

SAIL electronics and electrical questions paper with answers
1.Resistance is measured in

2. A sine wave voltage is applied across an inductor. When the frequency of the voltage is decreased, the current increased decreased
c.does not change
d.momentarily goes to zero

3. The winding resistance of a coil can be increased by
a.increasing the number of turns
b.a thinner wire
c.changing the core material
d.increasing the number of turns or using thinner wire

4. When the current through an inductor is cut in half, the amount of energy stored in the electromagnetic field halved
d.does not change

5. In the complex plane, the number 14 – j5 is located in the
a.first quadrant
b.second quadrant
c.third quadrant
d.fourth quadrant

6. When the frequency of the source voltage decreases, the impedance of a parallel RC circuit
c.does not change
d.does not change

7. In a three-phase system, the voltages are separated by

8. A constant load power means a uniform conversion of
a.mechanical to electrical energy
b.electrical to mechanical energy
c.current to voltage
d.voltage to current

9. Polyphase generators produce simultaneous multiple sinusoidal voltages that are separated by
a.certain constant phase angles
b.certain constant frequencies
c.certain constant voltages
d.certain constant currents

10. Materials with lots of free electrons are called

11. Electrons in the outer orbit are called

12. A multimeter measures
d.current, voltage, and resistance

13. A wiper is the sliding contact in a
b.photoconductive cell

14. A circuit breaker is a
a Fuse
c.resettable protective device

15. An ohmmeter is an instrument for measuring

16.The two windings of a transformer is
a.conductively linked.
b.inductively linked.
c.not linked at all.
d.electrically linked.

17. The d.c. series motor should always be started with load because no load, it will rotate at dangerously high speed. will fail to start. will not develop high starting torque
d.all are true.

18. In a stepper motor the angular displacement
a.can be precisely controlled. cannot be readily interfaced with micro computer based controller
c.the angular displacement cannot be precisely controlled. cannot be used for positioning of work tables and tools in NC machines

19. The power factor of a squirrel cage induction motor is
a.low at light load only.
b.low at heavy load only.
c.low at light and heavy load both.
d.low at rated load only.

20. The generation voltage is usually
a.between 11 KV and 33 KV.
b.between 132 KV and 400 KV.
c.between 400 KV and 700 KV.
d.None of the above.

21 When a synchronous motor is running at synchronous speed, the damper winding Produces
a.damping torque.
beddy current torque.
c.torque aiding the developed torque
dno torque.

22. In a d.c. machine, the armature mmf is
a.stationary w.r.t. armature.
b.rotating w.r.t. field.
c.stationary w.r.t. field.
d.rotating w.r.t. brushes.

23. In a transformer the voltage regulation will be zero when it operates at
a.unity p.f.
b leading p.f.
c.lagging p.f. p.f. leading.

24 The emf induced in the primary of a transformer in phase with the flux
b.lags behind the flux by 90 degree.
c.leads the flux by 90 degree. in phase opposition to that of flux.

25. The current from the stator of an alternator is taken out to the external load circuit Through
a.slip rings.
b.commutator segments
c.solid connections
d.carbon brushes.

26 A hysteresis motor not a self-starting motor a constant speed motor
c.needs dc excitation
d.can not be run in reverse speed.

27. The most suitable servomotor for low power applications is
a.a dc series motor.
b.a dc shunt motor. ac two-phase induction motor. ac series motor

28 For a given wirewound core, an increase in current through the coil
a.reverses the flux lines
b.decreases the flux density
c.increases the flux density
d.causes no change in flux density

29 When the current through the coil of an electromagnet reverses, the
a.direction of the magnetic field reverses
b.direction of the magnetic field remains unchanged
c.magnetic field expands
d.magnetic field collapses

30. The unit for permeability is
a Wb/At × m
b At/m
c At/Wb
d Wb

Sail Placement Paper : CPS, Kalikapur, Kolkata ,12 December 2010

General awareness:

101. which one is densely populated state
a. WB b. Bihar c. Uttarpradesh

102. Durand line
a. India/Pakistan b. Pakistan/Afganist c. India/China

103. Rajiv gandhi khel ratna award 2010
a. Saina Nehwal b. Krishna Poonia

104. Cobett national park in which state
a. Uttarkhanda. b.UP

105. Which state recieves the rainfall due to western disturbances
a. Kerala b. Punjab c. Tamilnadu. d. Gujrat

106. Bihu festival in which state
a. Assam, b. Bihar c. Sikkim

107. Kilash Temple in which famous rock
a. Ajanta b. Ellora. c elliphanta

108. Olympic games will held in 2012
a. London b. Chicago c. Rai di jero/brasil

109. Curreny of bhutan
a. ngultram b. rupee c. rial

110. Who invented the indian currency symbol?
a. D. Udaya Kumar b. D. Prashant Kumar

111. Who is the the ex-officio chairman of planning commission
a. President. b vice president c. speaker of loksobha d. Prime-minister

Sail Placement Paper : Kolkata ,12 December 2010

Generally Questions were Given About:

1. Oracle(Sql Command)
2. Computer networking
3. C
4. Data Structure.
5. Digital Electronic
6. C++ and Java etc.

Also in This exam had two parts one part related to technical (Computer) and in second part was

1. General Awarence

2. English (Two Paragraph, Some fill in the blanks etc.

3. Aptitude.

I am share some technical question which are:

1. Main( )
main( );

a) Print Tim Tim b) Keep Print Tim Continue c) Print Tim Once d) Display Blank Screen.

2. Number of Input & Output in Full adder are
a) 2 and 1 b) 2 and 2 c) 3 and 3 d) 3 and 2

3. Topology used in large Network is
a) Bus b) Star c) Ring d) Non of these

4. The Number 10000 appear just immediately after
a) FFFF(Hex) b) 1111(Binbary) c) 7777(Oct) d) All

5. Which is the Following language is Not Supported by C++
a) Exception Handing b) Reflection c) Operator Overloading d) NameSpace

6. Which Of Following Protocol use Acknowledgment
a) UDP b) TCP c) Both d) None

7. Which Is the Advantage of a Switch Over HUB
a) More Secure b) Higher Speed c) Both d) Non

8. Diamond Inheritance Property Solve By
a) C++ b) Java c) Both d) Non

9. When in SQL Command Add four Table Then How Many While Clause will be Need
a) 3 While b) 2 while c) 4 while d) 5 While

10. Which Are DDL Function
a) Drop b) Truncate c) Both d) None

Sail Placement Paper : Rainbow Sr. Secondry School, Delhi ,12 December 2010

Part -1 Technical ( 100 Questions Computer Science)

Q(1) What will be output of the following-
(a) tim (b) keep printing tim (c) black screen (d) none

Q(2) In which Data structure insertion and deletion is not possible in middle but at ends.
(a) Linked list (b)Pointer Array (c) Queue (d) Dqueue.

Q(3) OSI Model consist of how many Layer

(a) 2 (b)4 (c) 7 (d)9

Q(4) Why NAND gate is called universal gate?

Q(5) Which of the following not supported by C++
(a) Encapsulation (b) Abstraction (c) Reflection (d) Inheritence

Q(6) Which of the following support Diamond Inheritence
(a) C++ (b) Java (c) C (d) none

Q(7) Suppose X is a class and arg is parameter then What is syntax of passing parameter in a copyconstructor
(a) X(X arg) (b) X(X *arg) (c) X(X &arg) (d)none

Q(8) What is difference between Hub and Repeater?

Q(9) If there are 6 input to a Nand Gate the how many column will bw there in Full addre table?

Q(10) Which of the following is a DDL statement
(a) Delete (b) Turncate (c)Both a and b (d) none

Some other questions I am not remembering exactly. But approx 8 simple questions were based on OSI model layer and 7 Question based on simple SQL queries and 15 questions based on Java and C++ and 7 question on digital electronics and 15 question on Operating System and 15 on Data structure.

C++, Java, DBMS, SQL, Computer Network, Operating System and Data Structure are the subject from which questions were asked in paper.

Overall Technicl section was easy but need some rivision of technical question.

Part -2

Section (1) Generel awareness (25 Questions)

Q(1) Who have desinged the Symbol of Indian Rupee?

Q(2) Where is Jim Nationa Corbet park in India?

Q(3) Who have got the Rajiv Khel ratan award of 2010?

Q(4) In which state of India Population density is very High?

Some other questions were asked based on current gk.

Section(2) Reasoning(25 Question)

Just like R.S. Aggrawal book Questions
Section(3) English (25 Questions)

5 Question were Based on Article use, 5 on correct preposition based, and 10 Question were based on Comperihensive Passage

Section(4) Numerical ability(25 Quetions)

Most of questions were asked from Simple intreset, Compound intrest, Percentege, Time and work. Just follow R.S. Aggrawal.

Sail Placement Paper : Guru Nanak Public School, Chandigarh ,12 November 2010

SAIL-2010 gk question

1) olympic 2010 held in------london

2) Currency of Bhutan-------NUGULTRAM

3) Measles is a type of--------VIRUS

4) Heart beat of Adult---------72

5) Heavy, strongest and long bone of body------FEMUR

6) JIm Corbet national park-------------Uttarnchal

7) Rupess symbol designed by-------D. UDAY KUMAR

8) Durand line is Between--------pak & afganistan

9) Winner of 20-20 world cup-----------england

10) winner of Rajiv gandhi khel rattan award-2010---------saina Nehwal

11) which river falls in arbian SEA--------------tapi

12) BIHU is a folk dance of-----------assam

13) budh name------------sidhart

14) brahm smaaj----------raja ram mohan roi

15) company related to insurance---------------IRDA

16) gadar movement telated with------------------hardyal singh

17) new member of SAARA------------------afganistan

18) olive branch signify----------------------PEACE

19) language under 8th schedual----------------22

20) alpha keratin protien present in-------------------FIBER

21) Which state receieve winter rainfall by western disturbance------Tamilnadu

22) equality of oppertunity of all citizen in matter of public employement come under------ART 16

23) Kailasa temple-----------ajanta

24) EX-office planning commision------------Prime minister

25) Most dense populated state.................UP
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