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COSL Aptitude - General
COSL PAPER Aptitude1. a man purchased 6 stamps of rupees 1 and seven stamps of 50 paise. he paid Rs. 12. how much change he got back ? Ans. 2.50 Rs2. REPUBLICAN = 108 so DEMOCRATE = ? (it is diffcult. i made guess on 84 )3. if ELECTRICITY - GAS =100 then JACK - JILL = ?4. 8 man work for 6 days to complete a work. How many men are required to complete same work in 1/2 day. Ans. 96 men.5. A man drives at a speed of 40 miles/hr. His wife left 30 mins. late with 50 miles/hr speed. when will they meet…
COSL Whole Testpaper
COSL Placement Paper  Dear friends ,This year COSL has changed the pattern altogether. Too many questions in just 30 minutes later on theyincreased time by 10 min.I have generated some of the questions :It contains Group A and group B is pshychometry and try to attempt it only after completing the group A. unless group A is completed don,t try to go for group B since it will have very less weightage.In group A again u will have sections like1.quantitative 2.Arrange the sentance…
COSL General - Interview
COSL-Interview Procedure 1. There are 2 sections A and B. Section A contains 69 questions and section B contains 8 + 28 = 36 questions.2. Time = 30 Min. (They have given 10 min extra during test hence total time we got is 40 min.) 3. In group A again u will have sections like  1. quantitative  2. Arrange the sentance properly and find the fifth word  3. Figures (visible test)4. some cartoons will be there. u have to arrange them in proper order so that u will generate one story.5.…
These cosl company papers are just samples to help you to prepare for job interview. Download them on your mobile and computer and study them.
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