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Robert Bosch - 24th Aug. 2004
SVNIT Surat CAMPUS RECRUITEMENT PROGRAMME ON 24th Aug. 2004 BOSCH REXROTH AG , Vatva , Ahmedabad 1. Critical stress at which material will start to flow (a)yield (b)ultimate tensile stress (c) proof stress (d) none o the above 2. maximum degree of freedom in space Ans. 6 3. bearing which will take axial and radial loads. (a) thrust bearing (b) deep groove (c) taper roller (d) --- 4. volume of water per cubic metre of air. (a)specific volume (b) specific gravity (c) vapour pressure (d) none of above…
Robert BOSCH Placement Papers
Robert Bosch Interview Pattren Section 1:This section had only technical question. They were mainly fromPointers in C, C++, Data Structures and some questions on OS, DBMS.This section also had lots of question on bit conversions (HEX toBinary, decimal) and one question on finding 2,s compliment and suchothers. There were few questions on finding TRUE/FALSE statement which were bit confusing. Question to calculate square root, cube root of anumber were also included.Overall, this section was easy…
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