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Download i-flex Placement Papers in MS Word and PDF Format for Job Interview

List of all download i-flex placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Click Here View Job List. This page will help you to get all details about download i-flex placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Download i-flex placement papers in PDF and Ms word format. Latest and i-flex last 5 years placement papers with solutions pdf download for campus job.

I-Flex Placement Paper : General - other CEC Landran - 23 March 2008


There were around 1500 students from 10-12 colleges who appeared for the test. Out of which only 185 cleared the written exam, and i was one of them.  There were 60 questions to be done in 60 min.(+1 for right answer and -ve marking is not certain depends on question diff rent qustion hae differnt -ve marks). It was different from last time as last time there was 50 q and paper was divided into 5 sections...    

There were two sections
1. Quant+Logic(40 questions) 

This section contained q from blood relations, logical deductions, puzzle test, coding decoding,  age problems etc...  Refer R.S. Aggarwal only The questions were really simple and I managed to do 25 questions in 30min. then i shifted to english section and again then I do my rest of apti questions 

NOTE: There was sectional cut off also


2. English(20 questions) 

This sections was also very easy. It conatined q like antonyms, synonyms, reading comprehension(quite easy), articles, ordering the sentences etc...I managed to do 15-16 q from this sections 


The written test was quite easy most of the questions were from R.S Aggarwal (quant, verbal and non verbal reasoning) so do prepare the relevent chapters from this book specially the logical part bcoz quant was very easy.


The questions were very easy so the main catch was the time management. So do manage your time as there was sectional cut off and it will increase your chances of getting in. 


The test started Around 11:00 A.M the result was announced at 6:00 P.M. and i got selected for the next round of interviews Interviews are held on next day ie 24 th march


There were 2 interviews Technical and HR


1.Technical Interview 

I was waiting for my interview on 24th march since morning 8:30 and finally at 7:45 P.M the moment came when i was called for the second(i hv not cleared patni interview) personnel interview of my life.

The interviewer was very calm and soft spoken person.He asks me what i Know.Mine answer is C.after he is satisfied from C he shifted toDS and thats my weak pt \. But due to C proficiency i Got selected for next interview. Be confident in answering whatever they ask 

After about half an hour the person came and said that you hve cleared the interview and are seleected for HR interview. My advice is to be simple and truthful. If you dont know anything simply say no to them. If you try to confuse them you are just reducing your chances. 


2.HR Interview 

This was about Half an hour and there was lady HR . May be bcoz i am  one of the few last candidate to be interviewed on that day. SHe asked me that why you dont hve any breaks in your study( he was indirectly asking why i hadnt dropped an year and prepeared for iit/jee). Then she asked me whether i have any problems in relocation, my answer was no. She asks 3puzzles of which i gave only 1 answer correctly. Main interview was only Technical. HR was just  formality and Then She asked me for my mark sheets and this ended my HR interview. 


On 25th march I got the news form my college that i am selected in the 1 out of 5 students who hve cleared the written test from our college.


So be focused and manage your time properly if you want to clear.Be faithful to yourself. Success Should not go to your mind, failure should not go to your heart that is what i have learnt from my exp.


I-Flex Placement Paper : Whole Testpaper MAIT, Sec-22, Rohini, Delhi - 16 March 2008


I appeared in the i-flex paper on 16th at MAIT rohini delhi. There were around 2800 students from 35 colleges who appeared for the test.


Out of which only 509 cleared the written exam, and i was one of them.  There were 60 questions to be done in 60 min.(+1 for right answer and -.25 for wrong answer). It was different from last time as last time there was 50 q and paper was divided into 5 sections... 


There were two sections
1. Quant+Logic(40 questions) 

This section contained q from blood relations, logical deductions, puzzle test, coding decoding, profit and loss, trains and boats problems, age problems etc... The questions were really simple and I managed to do 31 questions in 40 min. then i shifted to english section.


2. English(20 questions) 

This sections was also very easy. It conatined q like antonyms, synonyms, reading comprehension(quite easy), articles, ordering the sentences etc...I managed to do 18 q from this sections in one go and still i had 2-3 min left.

 Then i shifted to section 1 and did 2 questions in that section. So atlast i managed to do 51 questions in 1 hour.


The written test was quite easy most of the questions were from R.S Aggarwal (quant, verbal and non verbal reasoning) so do prepare the relevent chapters from this book specially the logical part bcoz quant was very easy.


The questions were very easy so the main catch was the time management. So do manage your time as there was sectional cut off and it will increase your chances of getting in. 


Around 3:00 P.M the result was announced and i got selected for the next round of interviews.


There were 2 interviews Technical and HR


1.Technical Interview 

I was waiting for my interview on 17th march since morning and finally at 8:15 P.M the moment came when i was called for the first personnel interview of my life. The interviewer was very calm and soft spoken person. He read my form and asked me about my project(bcoz it was the only technical thing mentioned in that form). I explained him and answered some of his questions regarding my project. Then he asked me to write a simple program on file handling using c++ b coz i hve used file handling in my project. I took 10 min, i wrote the program, and explained it to him. Then he shifted to DBMS and asked me to write querries of joins, I simply denied and said i can xpalin you the meaning of joins but cant write querries for it. I explained him the joins and this ended my technical interview.


After about half an hour the person came and said that you hve cleared the interview and are seleected for HR interview.


My advice is to be simple and truthful. If you dont know anything simply say no to them. If you try to confuse them you are just reducing your chances. 


2.HR Interview 

This was very short, it was over in a flash. May be bcoz i was the last candidate to be interviewed on that day. He asked me that why you dont hve any breaks in your study( he was indirectly asking why i hadnt dropped an year and prepeared for iit/jee). Then he asked me whether i have any problems in relocation, my answer was no. Then he asked me for my mark sheets and this ended my HR interview. 


On 19th march I got the news form my college that i am selected in the 22 out of 29 students who hve cleared the written test from our college.


So be focused and manage your time properly if you want to clear.


I-Flex Placement Paper : General - Interview St. Peters Engineering College, Chennai - 2 August 2007


Hi friends....i am Ratheesh....i-flex solutions came to our college for recruitment process on 2nd August, and on the same day the whole recruitment process was completed by conducting aptitude, technical and hr interview......
8 colleges participated in this process....nearly 700 appeared....

The interview process goes like this......The 1st round started at

APTITUDE-(50 questions-60 minutes)
There were 5 sections of 10 questions each.They include-English, Data interpretation, Data sufficiency, aptitude and Logical reasoning. One hour was allotted for these 50 questions. Refer R.S.Agarwal Quantitative, verbal and non verbal reasoning. All the questions were quite easy (+1 for correct answers and -0.25 for each wrong answers).

they announced the results by 1.30pm. 48 cleared the 1st round out of 700 appeared.

The interview took almost  30 mins. questions were asked from  c, c++ and data structures.
The questions asked to me.
1. Major difference between c & c++.
2. Advantages of using  OOPS.
3. Inheritance, Polymorphism ,Encapsulation , Virtual functions with  real  time examples.
4. Interviewer asked me to write  program  for  inheritance and linked list with proper explanations.
they check the confidence in u. If u feel  that ur answer isn,t correct just pause a while and think and answer. They do have a very good patience in listening.

All the 48 candidates who cleared 1st round were made to appear both Technical and Hr interview.

A ladsy Hr interviwed me..She was a soft character and was so interactive.....
these were the Questions asked....
Why did i prefer MCA ...?
She asked me to tell one current hot topic.
She asked me to talk about the topic which i like the most for 3 mins.(i choosed ATTITUDE)
She asked me  "Is Women rights necessary...?" and "Is Education necessary for women...?"
She asked me Which i like the most in myself and why....?
Finally she asked me whether i got any questions to ask....And i asked her about the training process and whether they offer any final yr projects....

They announced the results by 7.30 pm... Out of 48 , 25 got placed...and im one among the lucky 25....
Friends please dont loose hope if u didnt get selected. This is my 9th interview and im so happy that i got placed in one among the Top  Companies.  Confidence, positive attitude and trust in GOD will surely help u to come up in life in flying colours....

I-Flex Placement Paper : General - Interview MSRIT, Banglore - 16 May 2007


Hi friends,.....
               I am from mechanical engineering background.  I got into Iflex  today. thx to those cool interviewers. I will suggest you to know finance, banking very well before going to Interview.

Firstly there was aptitude test at 10PM. it was for 1 hour and had 50 questions with negative marking( so be careful, answer only those you know). I attempted 42 and scored 30 (Sneaked during HR interview!) It had same pattern as previous papers. Comprehension, data interpretation,  logical reasoning, numerical analysis. It was the easiest one compared to infy, TCS, merit track papers.

After test we had PPT for 45 minutes. It ended at 12.30. Then they announced results at 1 pm. 65 got through. and i was 1 among them. then we had to fill up the application forms.

Then interview started at 2.00. technical interview was first. They called me in at 3.30. ALWAYS REMEMBER "first impression is the best impression". So they were expecting you to knock the door, ask permission. I was wearing cream shirt ,black pant and black shoes (thats d best formals for any interview). Then i went in shook his hand and said " good afternoon ,sir"

Int: Tell me abt urself
Me: stammered a lot

Int: ur family background
Me: (i realized that i had skipped to tell about my family background, i dunno whether he was listening to me or not coz he was writing down something)
Int: what r d subjects u r studying in this semester?
Me: ( i dunno what stuck my head,that was totally unexpected 1, i told only 2 subjects, i was thinking god c,mmon which r the remaining, then suddenly someone came in and gave the interviewer a cup of coffee. thx god for sending him in Perfect timing).
I was still coninuing to tell 1 by 1. i said MECHATRONICS at last)
Int: what did you studied in mechatronics ?
Me: sensors, transducers, actuactors, microprocessors sir
Int: where r those microprocessors used in real life?
Me: they are used in ECU,s of automobiles, washing machines , refrigerators.sir
Int: whats their role in refrigerators?
Me: ( surely, i dint know the correct answer,) sir there will be some some sensors in refrigerator that will sense temperature inside the refrigerator, after sensing the temperature it will send the info to microprocessor. microprocessor will compare it with desired temperature, if it is more or less, then it will increase or decrease the temperature inside the refrigerator
Int: How? how microprocessor reduce temperature?
Me: (Hoof! how? I thought whatever i may tell,right or wrong, lemme tell confidently) sir, microprocessor will reduce the voltage supplied to the cooler, so there will be less cooling and obviously temperature inside the refrigerator will increase.
Int: solve this problem(he gave a sheet of paper, on it was this problem)  7 ltrs of water at 900c and 3 ltrs of water at 600c are mixed and what will be the final temperature at steady state? ( he then started to write comments on me on application form, i was acting like thinking, but actually i was looking at the comments he was writing down, he wrote good attitude, good ???, fair verbal skill)
Me:( i wrote V1T1=V2T2 ) around 75-80 sir.
Int: How?
Me: Coz water at 90c is more in quantity, so it doesn,t reduce much.
Int: Wat if water at 60c is more?
Me: it will b come down to 65-70
Int: Wat if both r of same quantity?
Me: It will be around 70-75
Int: Ok,do u know C?
Me:s sir
Int: Where it is practically used?
Me: (remember I-flex provide solutions to banking domain only) sir, it can be used to find interest and to program many other banking related problems
Int: calculate interest for Rs.10k  for 9months @ 5% RI
Me: ( wrote down the formula SI=PTR/100, and solved it)
Int: If u r given to program a banking software, what r d things u r going to collect from customer?
Me: Told abt interest rate, period, principal amount
Int: Dont u ask his name first?
Me: (both laughed)s sir,  i will ask his DOB, place, nationality, age, occupation. they are all primary things
Int:: Do u have any questions?
Me: Asked him abt training

Then was HR round and lasted only for few seconds. The guy who gave PPT  took me HR. He had said that we are looking for enthusiastic candidates during d PPT. when he called me out, i went in and he asked me to be seated. This is the time that i saw my aptitude test paper. Always keep a smile in HR interview. He came back n started seeing my application form
Int: y is it ur marks decreasing?
Me: I tried my level best sir...but....
Int: (angrily) c, dont give such answers yaar
Me: (dint say anything kept smiling)
Int: Whats d difference between C n C++ ?
Me: explained
Int: any questions?
Me: (thats it?) ah .. s... sir.. again asked d dame question ant training and dragged it.
Int: explained n said improve ur presentation skill,
Me: I will certainly do sir. when r u going to announce d results, sir?
Int: I will call you (!!!) or i will inform placement officer, it was very nice talking to you, thx

Finally results were announced at 6pm, only 10 got through!

I-Flex Placement Paper : General - other CEC Mohali - 10 May 2007


Hi guys....its sanchit kapur from E.C.E Branch....i m selected in I-Flex solutions.....thanx to freshersworld that i got an idea bout the pattern of the examination.

the paper contains 50 questions in all divided into 5 sections( +1 mark for each right answer and -0.25  for each wrong.)
Duration was 1 hour.and total of 6 set was marks was 50 and cuttoff was 25 at our time (my score was 38,but my frnd secured 26 and he,s also through)

1st section = Comprehension which contains 5 question on words comparison like if water:glass then which of the foll. suits the most to the situation...they were EASy questions.
next 5 questions were from passage reading...they were VERY EASY.....

2nd section was data interpretation....R.S aggarwal (Quant) is sufficient for this section.they asked questions on pie chart and bar graphs...
3rd section was ned to worry bout can be solved if u have good concentration....questions were like
time b/w a-->b  == 2 hrs
a-->c ==1.5 hrs...
b ==> ==3 hrs...
and some data was given...then we were asked 5 questions on the topic to solve...they r easy but time consuming
next 5 questions were also very easy ,.......they can be solved on finger tips...

section 4 is of logical reasoning....
Question were very simple
questions  on coding like if "like = qmfg" then "kiel" will be coded as ???? ANS=fmgq
rest questions on time and distance and clock angle.......

last section was of simple quant and R.S Aggarwal is suffiecient for this just need to manage your time.........

Late night the result was declared at 11:00 and by GOD,s grace i cleared the written...we were called for the technical and H.R interview the next day  at 9:00 A.M...We had ppt for some hour an so and we were reqiured to fill up an application blank and have to submit a copy of latest resume....

At last i was called for technical interview at 9:30 P.M (after 12 long hours......).
the lady was very very nice ...she told me a bout herself and the product in which they deal...then my interview started.....

Intr:Diff. b/w synchoronous and asynchoronous systems
Me:synchoronous uses clock and asynchoronous dont use clock...

Intr: What is micro processor....
Me:a clock drven multiprogrammable device......

Intr: Where have you done your training ?
Me:I gave each and every detail of my profile during training and convinced her that i learnt something during my trainig.
then we just had some casuall talks regarding my family background and y i wanted to come onto the IT industry....(i m a communication student)

H.R was simple...they just check your attitute and confidence...........just go in talk to them as if they are your friend....
TIP:just be cool there they are just lookin for the ppl having confidence and ready to to do hard work....

the result was declared on the college web site next morning at 9:30 and i was very happy to c my name in the final list of 72 selected students.....
appeared = around 1000
cleared writeen =  199
finally selected = 72.

I-Flex Placement Paper : Whole Testpaper CEC College, Mohali - 10 May 2007


Hi friends...

 I am swapan... I recently got placed in i-flex solutions....The recruitment was held for 2008 batch on 10th n 11th of may 07 in cec in mohali n around 15 colleges were invited n GNE was one among them. 

There were 3 rounds:-
1)Written test:-
the test consisted of 5 sections(+1 mark for each right answer and -0.25 for each wrong answer) duration was for one hour and total 6 sets were there and my set was 2nd....n total marks was 50.

1st section: English
small passage was given nd we need to select a sentence to represent the meaning of the passage, fill in the blanks with appropriate words, synonyms,etc... 

2nd section: Data Interpretation
3rd section: LR(logical Reasoning)
4th section: Puzzle test/coding-encoding blood relations,missing the no.,s problem,etc..
5th section:Quantitive maths questions from age problems,speed and distance,trains n boats problem

only 200 students cleared the written test...among 1000

2) Technical interview:-
questions from oracle like nvl function,basic queries...
foxpro(becoz i have mentioned it in resume)
html basics like creation of forms, some tags
what is SDLC(system development life cycle)
data structures- hashing techniques...
it was a little bit tough round.... the interviewer was very helpful...

after the tech. interview of 45 min.. he said that you have gone cleared the tech round and now u r going for the hr interview.... 

3)HR interview:
questions from my background family, why we hire u?,where u,ll stand in the future,some g.k. questions like...who is the CM of punjab,editor of the tribune,what are ur hobbies..... at last he said that u have done the diploma .. i said yes sir... okay now write some formulas for derivative,integration.. i wrote some of them....

at last he said ok you can go now.. nice to meet of luck... on the next day the final result was declared and 75 students were selected nd i was one of them...

I-Flex Placement Paper : General - other PMC TECH, Hosur (TN) - 1 June 2007


hi friends.....iflex solutions provides IT solutions in d banking n financial domain..........I got placed in iflex solutions for d 2008 batch........

1) aptitude test
2) technical interview
3) hr interview

Time duration: 60 mins                  
Number of questions: 50
Marking scheme: +1 for every correct answer and -0.25 for every wrong answer
Cut-off: 25 marks (varies)
friends d aptitude test had 5 sections in it, each section having 10 questions......

d english section was mainly from gre practice questions based on bar graps, pie charts, tabular columns(data interpretation as a whole)......RS Agarwal
questions were dere based on logical reasoning n coding-decoding as well.............RS Agarwal
quantative aptitude........just brush up ur basics from all d chapters........RS Agarwal
deriving conclusions from short comprehensions.......RS Agarwal

sir was really cool n very soft kicked off wid d usual questions lyk tell me ab8 urself , y do want to join i flex n stuff ............n den he asked abt d project n training i hav done...
he also asked me questions related to banking n shares.....i belong to electrical n electronics branch so he asked me some basic questions regarding dat lyk abt transformers capacitors n stuff.... 
he asked me to solve a couple of puzzles also........n den he asked me where do i wanna see myself 5 years from now......last one was if i want to ask anything from him......the interview lasted for around 30 mins or so......

d first thing mam asked me was if i were tired (it was around 6:30 pm den n i was dere from morning 9)........she asked me abt d technical interview n how did i perform.......then dere were d usual question lyk tell me abt urself n ur family background, etc.........she also asked me ab8 d paper i had presented.......some questions were thrown at me based on d info in my resume as well.......finally she asked me if i hav any questions.....dis interview lasted for around 15 minutes......

I-Flex Placement Paper : Whole Testpaper Academy of Technology(Adisaptogram, W.B) - 15 April 2007



      Hi!!!!!! I’m Sagnik, from Netaji Subhash Engg. College- Garia (KOLKATA)…First of all I want thank all the people who uploaded there       
      experiences in this website which has helped me a lot.

      I attended the POOL campus recruitment process of I-FLEX, on 15th April 2007 in AOT (Academy of Technology, Adisaptogram) ………

      We have our reporting time at 10:00 a.m. But alike any other pool campusings nothing went according to the  schedule… 

After 2 hours at 12:00 we were called in for the aptitude test. At last the test was started at 12:20 p.m….

      Total 50 questions were there. ( +1 mark for each right answer and -0.25  for each wrong.) Duration was 1 hour……  

      The APTI paper consisted of 5 sections with 10 questions in each.

      1. ENGLISH TEST.







     4 questions were from analogy and 6 were from reading comprehension. This section was tough.  To answer this section completely one needs to
     have depth in English. So, it was not my cup of teaJ… I attempted only 5. (Because –ve marking was there.)



     2 tables were given on the basis of them 10 questions (5 for each) were there.  They were tricky for sure but at the same time not to tough.  I did
     9 of them and was sure that they were going to fetch me 9 marks.  So, this section gave me a extra bit of oxygen after that mess is the English
     part. Practicing from R.S.Agarwal Quantitive  Aptitude book helped me.



     This part was easy and I correctly answered 10 of them…. For this part R.S.Agarwal Verbal-nonverbal book is enough….. 

     eg:  (It is not the exact one but of same type)

     Q. If the word CAPTAIN is coded like NCNVYKC then what is the code for OBSCURE?

     Q. 1 7 8 9 6 4 5 6 3 2  7 3 92 99 4 66 36 33 5 664 737 20.

     How many even numbers are immediately following another even number?

     How many even nos. are immediately followed by 2 even nos.?



     I didn’t even read the conclusion drawing questions because time was running out.  I solved only 2 logical reasoning (2 small ones) and moved on
     to the next section, as there was no sectional cut-off.



     It was almost 1:10 p.m when I touched this section. I managed to solve only  5 before time ended. This part consisted of problems from
     Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Profit-loss etc.


      After that I took a calculated risk and in the last minute I marked almost 4-5 questions about which I was not so sure, thinking if luck helps me
     then it will get me 4-5 marks.  But it was too risky so, it will be better if you people don’t try it….. You don’t need to answer them all. Try to
     answer at least 30-35 questions and believe me that’s enough. The cut-off generally stays around 25 depending on the level of compitition. 

      At around 4:30 our result was out….. Among total 3500+ candidates from 41 engg. colleges of  West Bengal 178 was selected.  And I was
     lucky enough to be one of them.  We were called in to fill-up the H.R form and attend the ppt. In the H.R form some topics were like:
     1. Frank assessment of yourself.
     2. Your achievements.
     3. Long-term and short-term goals.
     4. What do you seek from a job.

     And a few more. After this form fill-up we had to wait long before the ppt atlast started at 7:45 p.m. I didn’t listen to anything because by then I
     had no energy left in me.  So, that’s all for 15th….


     We had our technical & HR interviews on 18-04-07.  After a long wait again, I was called in for the Technical round at around 2:00 p.m.



     It was an easy going one. At first he asked me to introduce myself then to tell something about I-FLEX. I told him everything I’ve learned from
     Internet about I-flex. He was impressed by my answers and asked me to solve 4 problems of quantitive aptitude. I was able to answer only the
     first 3 as the last one was a problem on infinite G.P series and I’ve forgotten all those formulas. So, he gave me another one from A.P series and
     said, “ It’s your last chance!!!!!!!!”…. Thank god, at that point I was able recall some formulas of A.P and eventually to solve that problem and
     grab the ‘last chance’. He was very happy to see that I solved that and asked me to wait outside for the HR round. So, at that point it was clear
     to me that I’ve cleared the tech round because only those people were asked to wait who cleared the tech interview.

     H.R ROUND:

     Within 5 minutes I went to give the HR. The lady HR was cool.
     Intvr: Have you got your lunch ?

     Me: No, mam.

     Intvr: Why? It almost 3:00 p.m.(With a smile)

     Me: Actually I thought to have it after the interview.     

     Intvr: Have you got any energy left in you, after this long hours? .( Again with a smile)

     Me: Yes, a bit. (Now I gave a smile too!)

     Intvr: Do you have any breaks in your studies?

     Me: No, mam.

     Intvr: Ok, then introduce yourself.

     Me: answered and impressed her.

     Intvr: Now tell me what do you know about I-FLEX.

     Me: answered and impressed her.

     Intvr: Tell me something about your family and school life.

     Me: Answered. (It is always good to feel proud when talking about parents, so, I did. And she again appreciated my answer.)

     Intvr: What are your short-term goal & long-term goal.

     Me: I told my short-term goal but I forgot what I’ve prepared as long-term goal. So, after telling my short-term goal I started like ‘life is very
     dynamic, so in this fast changing life I don’t like to set-up long-term goals; I setup short-term ones and by achieving them I want to go up the
     professional ladder. And I’m also a believer of slow but steady growth ’.

     Intvr: Hmmm!!!!!!! That’s very good. So, what camera do you have? (Because I’ve written in the HR form that my hobby is

     Me: Nikon F; a 1965 model.

     Intvr: What kind of pictures you like to take?

     Me: I like to click silhouettes. And when I’ll visit Agra I’ll surely take a silhouette of Taj Mahal. J

     Intvr: (She again smiled and tilted her head in appreciation) Do you like music?

     Me: Yes mam!!! My favorite band is ‘Poets of the Fall.’

     Intvr: What song do you like most?

     Me : ‘Carnival of Rust’.

     Intvr:J That’s impressive.

     Intvr: Do you believe in god?

     Me: (With a smile) My mother is my goddess and I believe her.

     Intvr: (She was actually amazed by my answer) So, you love your mom?

     Me: Yes!!!!! mam.J

     Intvr: Whats the meaning of tour name?

     Me: Answered.

     Intvr: Do you like to travel?

     Me: Yes!!!!! I do.

     Intvr: Do you have any problem in getting relocated?

     Me: No!!! mam.(Now at this point I was getting the wind that I’m selected.)

     Intvr: So, that’s all for the day. Hope to see you soon again.

     Me:J Thank you mam!!!!! For interviewing me….

     Intvr: Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!


     At last at 6:45 p.m. our result got declared & by Almighty’s unlimited grace I was selected. Total 52 people were selected from 178, who
     cleared  the apti.

     So, all you people who are still waiting to be recruited; keep your cool because it is the greatest test of patience.  Don’t worry about your those
     friends who got placed on the very first day. They had luck and you didn’t. And your days will come soon. Always believe that “HE
     CONQURES, WHO ENDURES.” So, keep your fingers crossed, keep practicing (although it feels very boring to brush up the same thing again
     and again) and lets hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!


I-Flex Placement Paper : General - other SKIT Jaipur (Raj.) - 1 May 2007


Hi friends,
I-flex was there in SKIT JAIPUR on May 1, 2007 for 2008 batch campus.

There was three rounds in selection process:-

1 Aptitude

2 Technical interview

3 HR interview


1. The aptitude was of 60min with 50 questions to solve.
There was one mark for the correct one & -0.25 for wrong one..
This is a big elimination round…….
I think the cutoff was about 39marks..
Only 95 were selected out of 1500 students.

The whole paper was divided in five sections but there is no sectional cutoff…. 

First section was of English & passage like easy stuff.

Second section was of graphs & pie chart which is only section that was little bit time consuming & complex.

Third section was of data sufficiency like stuff and easy…..

Fourth section was mathematical & very easy to solve…

Fifth section was of LR & one question on puzzle the simple one…….


2. The short listed candidates then undergone the Technical interview…
That is the main decisive round in the process….
My technical interview was gone for about 35min. & it can be more.
They ask me about my C,C++ knowledge some basics & tricky once.
I spend most of the time in DBMS after he ask me for my favorite subject…
Some questions from Java also…(As I am a CS student)
For non CS student they just ask C & one subject to your choice….
Out of 95 students only 52 passed the Technical And I am the one..


3. the HR interview was just a easy one & goes for only 4-5min
the questions were :-
Family background (They have noted it)
Future plan
Last interview faced
What u do in free time?


The results declared on the next day and I am the one in the selected candidates list…   Thanks to god…….

Final stats 1500 appeared for aptitude 95 cleared then 52 cleared in technical & finally 41 candidates are selected……..


I-Flex Placement Paper : Whole Testpaper S.A. Engineering College - 2 April 2007


I attended "i-flex solutions ltd." off-campus interview on the 2nd of April 2007 

Round 1: Aptitude Test
Round 2: Technical (Personal Interview)
Round 3: Human resourse (Personal Interview)

Apptitude test

Technical interview was on 2nd April 2007

The paper is not so tough........... So there,s no need to worry. The questions are not so complex!
They are direct and easily approachable.

Total Questions  = 50 qs.
Total Time given = 60 mins.

Mark Distribution: All questions carry 1 mark.
Correct Answers = +1 mark
Wrong Answers = -0.25 marks

The paper is divided into 5 sections of 10 questions each.
Analytical reasoning, logical reasoning and Data Interpretations were the questions there. Questions on english language skills were more. 
Puzzles were not asked.

I don,t remember all the questions, Some of them are given below.

1-4. Find the pair which suits the best.  
One of which i remember, I,ve given below 
Q. Circuitous: Route
a. dumbfound: Astonishment
b. problem: solution  and so on

5-8. Choose the best pair:
Here a sentence was given with two blank spaces. We have to find the best pair which fits into the sentence.

10-15. comprehension questions were asked
15-20. Data interpretation
21. A reasoning question was asked
22-24. A sentence was given, and one from a set of 4 solutions was asked to be opted, which gives the best solution or gives the correct meaning of the paragraph.
25-30. Data interpretation

Here a table was given, and in it few data were missing. Keeping all other information in mind, we were asked to choose the correct answer for the given questions.( Not so tough )
30-35. Another data interpretation question was asked.

Here the questions were easy. Be sure of the table given, because at first in tension I did not see the term ,total, below, so i considered it also to be a data and took it into calculation. Later i found that one out. But it was a waste of time. Even a single second counts!!!!

35-40.Verbal Reasoning questions were asked
This included questions like this. Some of which i remember are given below.
Q. All yyyy were swimmers;
All swimmers wear swim suits;
Sally wears swim suit;
a. Sally does not know swimming
b. Sally is a swimmer
c. Sally is a yyyy
d. Data insufficient

Q. Data coding was asked.
eg. if PRATAP can be coded as 736467 and MILAN was coded as 98561, how can PLANT be coded? (This was not the question, but the type is the same) 

40-50. Only Analytical Questions

Some of them are:
Q1. The square of a two digit number is divided by half the number, and 36 is added to the quotient. The sum is then divided by 2. The digits of the resulting number are the same as the number, but inreverse order. The digits in the tens place of the original number is twice the difference between the digits.which of the following could be the number?
a.64     b.36     c. 46    d. None of these

Q2. If a boat moves upstream  with the speed of the boat as X and the speed of the stream is Y, what is the time taken by the boat to go upstream a distance of 90 kms and come back? (I,m not sure of the values of the speed of boat and stream ie., I dont remember the value of X and Y).

Q3. Auestion on sensex was asked.

I dont remember the rest of the questions!

Tips to attend effeciently:
1. Start-off with a word of prayer (This will increase the confidence level for sure)
2. Start attending questions of English Language skills and then logical or analytical reasoning.(This will accelerate your speed of problem as they would be easier. You can feel it!).

3. First read the question which you are going to attend fully. Don,t write down the given data before reading the question fully. This is because, most of them would be easier than you think they are to be! The last portion of the question may have a hint to solve the question directly. For example see Q1 in "40 - 50" .

4. When you feel a question is tough (even if they are not, but if you feel just on seeing ) move on to the next question. Don,t waste time in a single question. THIS THE MISTAKE ALMOST EVERYONE WOULD DO. ( It may be even you! )

5. Don,t hesitate to take risks. Even that counts! But be atleast 60% sure about it.

6. Attend atleast 40 - 45 questions. Don,t go more than that. This would show that you are too confident on things which are not correct. These are for questions which have a chance of below 40% for being correct. Or it would show that you have copied or made a guess!

7. Look at your watch occasionally to be sure that you are not going beyond time for certain number of questions.

Frequent time-watching would increae tension level. So be careful.
8. Please don,t try to attempt any mal-practice. There are different codes of question papers (even choices may differ). Further the i-flex officials will be on rounds. This is for sure. They caught about 36 students for copying in our center. This may lead to consequences even upto disqualification for ever (in case if you would like to attend i-flex again).

9. Ifyou have time left out go for the questions you were doubtful and not for the questions that you did not get answer.(But there will not be time for that. Fortunately I had about 20 seconds left before handing over the paper)

10. Finally when you close your paper, finish it with a word of prayer.

My Experience:
I started with prayer. This boosted my confidence level. Then I started the question in English section. This increased my speed and gave me enough time to attend the other questions. I left questions which were longer the first time and came back for them later. Those questions which I thought to be difficult , I did not even read them fully.  "A WISE CORRECTS HIMSELF FROM OTHERS MISTAKES"

Be careful that you don,t make such mistakes.

Personal Interviews: Technical Interview:
1. Questions were from one programming language (For non-IT and non-CSE students it will be C or what you have mentioned in your Resume).
2. Then questions from that branch or department will be asked (would be almost from the basics).
3. Also sometimes your strengths or field of interests would be asked (From your subjects).

Human Resourse:
1. Questions will be general as you have a technical round before it. Questions will be as * About yourself *Why do you wish to enter banking or IT field* Future plans* Why should I hire you* Why do you wish to become an engineer* What do you expect from i-flex*What do you like in yourself
2. Questions from your resume will be asked. You will be asked to explain the objective or aim that you have written in the Resume.

I with my friends were waiting from 7.30AM. We were called at 7.30PM for the first interview and then at 8.30 for the next interview. We were waiting for the results until 11.00PM. Then they came out and they read out the results.

By God,s abundant, bountiful and extravagant grace, I got thru!!!

We were four friends there. And all of us got through! The most heart-pumping moment was when they announced the results. One by one of us were called at constant intervals.   .waiting for the Offer Letter!!!!

Well for you who see this, take care not to miss the chance of getting thru  if you have cleared the aptitude test.

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