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Download amdocs Placement Papers in MS Word and PDF Format for Job Interview

List of all download amdocs placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Click Here View Job List. This page will help you to get all details about download amdocs placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Download amdocs placement papers in PDF and Ms word format. Latest and amdocs last 5 years placement papers with solutions pdf download for campus job.

Amdocs Placement Paper : Amdocs Placement Paper - May 2008

I have given amdocs paper on May2008.

Find some questions below

1.stdin The standard input - le descriptor 0.
stdout The standard output - le descriptor 1.
stderr The standard error - le descriptor 2.

2. Constructor sequence
function overloading

Data dictionary
Foriegn key
Union -----useful for SQL

background &
umask, mask
if will write cd on console it will move to parent, home or which directory
which cmd will not create empty file----some option like touch , cat >, cat <

venn diagram - 3questions

How many distinct 4 digit no can be made from 1-7
how many no will be divisible by 4

In interview they asked

difference in const char *p and char const *p ----There is no difference in both actually.......Although const char *p and char* const p is different

difference in (*p)++ and *p++

difference in new and malloc

what is ls-l and how do u extract one column in unix
Ans. use cut or awk cmds.......

In one of my frens interview in amdocs they asked
1. A family has several childrens. every boy has as many brothers as sisters. Every gal has twice as many brothers as sisters. How many childrens are there in family?

2. A tank is full of water. You have only 2 jars, 5L & 3L. How will u measure exactly 4L of water?

3. n couples are in a party. Evry person will handshake with each othre except his spouse. Tell total no. of handshakes in party?

4. Two trains starts from equator at same time in opposite directions on diffrent tracks. They travel same distance at same speed. Which train,s wheels will tread / wear down first?

5. A family has 4 brothers. Average height of 4 brothers is 74 inch. Difference in height of first 3 brothers is 2 inch. Difference in height of 3rd & 4th brother is 6 inch.

Tell the height of all 4 brothers?

Amdocs Placement Paper : Amdocs Whole Testpaper


Written test: online test of arround 2:30 hrs
there were two sections first one is apptitude section and second one is technical
there will be sectional cutoff in both of the section...each sections have 3-3 sub sections but they havn,t individual cut off..

in technical section the three sub section was
i)c (it,s on u,r choice u can choose java too) 
ii)sql & dbms
iii)unix(in it some part of os too).

in apptitude section the three subsection was
i) arithematic
ii)simple apptitude n small puzzles

I) C section       25 min    20 ques
1)float   a=.7

      case 1: printf("case 1");
      case (2) : printf("default");
     what will be output??
ans:it will be error since case(2) is not allowed

3) u have to store data on the system which command is used .....(a)fread (b)fwrite (c)read (d)write
In c questions were mainly related with pointers(arround 5-6 questions), 2 questions from command line argument, 1 questions related to size of  structure, 2 on string pointer, 1 on preprocessor, 1 on bitwise operator,1 on just declare, the node of link list, 1 on tree whose inorder and preorder is given., 1 on continue..

II) Sql section           15 min    10 ques
i)  what is data dictionary ..........4 options were given
ii)  what is view.......
iii)  2 questions were on transactions  redo undo table was given
iv) given a table u have to find all those customer name and id which not belong to city california or messchustte or his name is jackson
v) one query related to delete operation for the given table
vi)one query related to having clause in which find the sum of money

III) Unix section             12 ques        15 min
i) what is output of cal j 2005
ii) 1 question on tee comand
iii)in which message passing is fast  .....options are (a)pipe (b) message passing (c) message queue (d) memory sharing     ans : d
iv)question on nice command that is how to change the priority
ans: change the priority of the process
v)context switching takes place....
a) kernel to user mode
b)user to user mode
c)kernel to kernel mode
d)one process to another process
vi)what is the difference between dbms and rdbms options were given
vii)u have a xwindow and u have to display clock on it then which command will be used??
viii)  what is fork..... and: to create a new process
ix)2 shell script questions like one is for xxx "i am" "master of" unix   echo xxx
what will be the output?? like this....
x)cp xxx.txt edu
what will it do
ans: copy file xxx to directory edu.
xi)question on chmod command ......... file attribute permission change
x)one question was which command does not create a new file ...............
a)cat ---------
b)touch -----------
ans: c
xi)if the file permission is 100 who can acsess that file....ans: only super user if it is there in the option

I)Arithematic section                    30 min              20 ques
1) some digits were given like 0 2 2 3 3 4 4 then how many no will be there which is greater than 1 lac ,all numbers are distinct there were 2 questions of this type.....
2) 4 qustions on venn diagram....  in a survey of 100 people 20 view only war movie,15 view only romantic movie ,10 view horror........bla bla bla..
3) there r 10 containers all closed and there r 10 people 1 st person open all containers 2 nd person changes the status of 2nd 4  th 6 th ...10 th containers that is close here.then 3 rd person again changes the status of 3rd 6 th 9th container similarly 10 th person changes only 10t h container then tell that status of 7th container will be changed how many times
IN arithematic section 3-4 problems related to permutation &combinations, 1 from probability,3 from percentage,2 from profit loss, 1 from pipe & cisterns,1 from compound interest...

II)Reasoning section:             20 min               15 ques
this section is very easy.....
1)to chooose which two are  similar in the given pattern....this type of four questions
I) i) 123456.876543    ii)123456.876943   iii) 123456.876543
(a)i & ii (b) i & iii (c) ii & iii (d)all are similar
2)if  * is changed to +, +is changed to - ,- is changed to / , /changed to* what is the value of .....
1) 3*4+5/2-7....
4 questions of this type
3) if 4 represent as $** and 3 represent as *$$
based on it there were 4
i) what is the value of  $$$** + $**$*
in similar way rest of 3 questions
4)one question was
a goes to party if b goes
b goes to party if c goes
c goes to party if d goes
total how many goes to party??

III)Comprehension section:              15 min               10 ques
in this section there were a long passage based on cryptographic tecnique.....on the behalf of that there were 10 questions  like..
1) who provide the certificate
2)along with which hardware  this is added...
3) where is security key retain
4) which algorith is used to generate a key.....something like that

After the written....there were two round of interview
this round was also long arround 45-50 min
they asked to me
1) about educational background
2)i have mentioned a project in my resume so arround 15 min questions regarding to my project(if u have done any project and if u know all about u,r project then it will be advantageous for u).they asked.....
i)draw all front end window of project,
ii)what is the best features of your project,
iii)what was your role in project,
iv)how did u compromize at any critical situation in u,r project when all of you had different ideas,
v)have u insert any innovative idea in your project,
vi)how fetch data from data base....write query for that
vii)yor project is in which normal form??

3)then they came on c
i)how we provide dynamic memory allocation in c.....write, how declare melloc
ii)is there any difference between melloc and calloc
iii)write code for a function which work similar as strcat do...using pointer
iv) what is the use of ,\o, in string,why we don,t use in array,if we don,t provide it instring declaration that what will hapen.
v)some times you run a c program in turbo c compiler ,the system crashes...why it happen??

4)after that they asked unix
i)simple questions on file permission,
ii)nice command,
ii)if given chmod 777 what does it mean ,
iii)what are system call?
iv)how we do pattern searching ??

5) then they moved towards dbms and sql
i) what did u study in u,r college dbms or rdbms is there any difference between them?
ii) one query regarding projection
iii)one query regarding having by
iv)one query regarding delete operation
v)what is functional dependency??
vi)what is atomicity?
vii) theoritically how can we detect deadlock??

then they asked to me general questions.....
6) heve u ever heard about amdocs
7) how was amdocs question paper.....what is your comment about that
8) before amdocs,how many written u have given?
9) do u feel something difference in selection procedure of amdocs to other companies.....
10)does pointer(CPI) or percentage reflects real knowledge or not??
11) what is the best quality in you...your strength??
12) what is your plan for next sem(V sem)....i said that "i will incease my pointers" then they said....just brush up u,r concept of c,unix and dbms..because we work on these......
this was of hardly 15 to 20 min  
1)what is the name of other two,those took u,r interview??
2) have u heard the ppt then tell me what type of company is amdocs
3) describe your self?      
4)tell me about family background.
5) why would u like to join amdocs?
6)have u any plan for further study like mba...?
7) would u like to do work offtime.

Amdocs Placement Paper : Amdocs Whole Testpaper

Hi folks the paper was a mix of toughness, time constraint and easy questions.
To summarize it, it contained of two main sections:
1.The Aptitude section
2.The Technical section
People told me that there is sectional cut off of 60% in each of the two sections:
Now talking about the sub sections of the paper:
The Aptitude part consisted of 4 subsections.
The Technical part also consisted of 4 subsections.
Now ellaborating the paper, first it is a long brain and computer adaptation exercise, of nearly four hours.
Aptitude Section:
Ist Section: 18Qs in Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation questions in 30 mins.
This is a easy section u can easily do it, there is enough amount of time.
IInd Section: 16Qs in Quantitative Ability in 25 minutes, again a simple section
IIIrd Section: 25 Qs. in 20 minutes it is about pattern matching.
IVth Section: 60 Qs. in 6 minutes, there is negative marking, here u get a question which has some text and u have to select the same text among the 4 options.
speed is tested here in this fourth section, but a person can attempt about 30 to 40 questions depending on his/her speed.
NOTE: All the above sections are explained with good examples before u start the test so be cool and patient and read these options with ease and u can crack this section.
Techincal Section:
This section also has four subsections as follows:
Ist Section: This section is the Amdocs pseudo language section, be cool the name is the only scary part in this section nothing else, remaining is easy with a lot of time, u get 60 minutes in this section for 25 questions, but before u start off this section it is advisable to read the booklet that is given along with this section before starting this section, i had forgotten to do this but i believe still managed to get all questions right, it is basically a section of algorithm.
IInd Section:This section tests u on SQL queries, some are very simple some are tough, u get 20 minutes in this section, ample time to solve all questions.
IIIrd Section:This is a section on UNIX language, basically on different types of commands and some theoretical concepts, it also has 20 minutes.
IVth Section: This section is a choice betwee any one of the languages which is your favourite among the four given languages C/C++/Java/Cobol. This is also a section of 20 minutes.
NOTE: All the technical subsections have a lot of time for them to be solved easily within the time limit, provided u know them.
And in case there is only sectional cut offs then it is advisable to try to score the fullest or maximum in the first section(Amdocs pseudo language)
Mind u, u can take time off between sub sections of the main sections also so relax in between as well to keep ur efficiency...
In all the test is very long, it will take near to 4 hours to complete the full test, only advice is not to rush through the sections quicly as only once u click on the button next will the section start, so take some time off between sections get refreshed and then concentrate with full vigour in the sections.

Amdocs Placement Paper : Amdocs Technical - Java

Amdocs test has 2 sections

   1.  Aptitude consist of 4 sections n consisted of diagrammatic reasoning n non verbal stuff
   2.  Technical test consisted of 4 sections each of pseudocode,c,unix n sql all tests r computer based

  The tests were :

  1.   Analytical reasoning: maths
  2. diagrammatic reasoning: In this, we were given 8 diagrams and had to select the9th corresponding
      dg frm the givn choices. U have to be very fast in this test.
  3. problems to be solved using Venn diagrams.

  4. This test was to check our adaptation to the computer screen.We had to solve abt 30 qs in 15 min. 
      U have to be very very fast in this also.
  5. In this test we were given a booklet of abt 7-8 pgs in which there was the syntax of some
      hypothetical lang, ( its syntax was somewhat like Visual Basic). This was very easy since the 
      whole syntax was given & u can refer to it. We were given almost 90-120mins for this test. If u 
      want u can rd the booklet before the start of the test.The qs consisted of programs for which
       u have to find the o/p or where there is wrong syntax etc.
  6. C test: Study pointers very well .Visit that helps you to test the 
        programming strengths. It also consists of qs on args of main function, i.e. argc and argv 
   7. SQL test: It consisted of sql queries mainly inner join, outer join ,group by statements etc.
   8. Unix test: kernel, 1-2 qs on TCP/IP, basic commands ( more on commands).
   Some Sample Questions

  1. All birds are animals. All animals are four legged. Implications
       a. All animals which are four legged are birds.
       b. All birds are four legged
       c. Some birds are four legged
       d. Some birds are animals but not four legged.
       1.  a and b 2.  b and c  3. only b  4. only d

  2.  All fat people are not dancers, food loving people are all fat .Find the contradictory statement?

  3. The day before yesterday was WEDNESDAY then the day after 2morrow is? 3. A goes to the party if B goes
    B goes to the party if C goes
    C goes to the party if D goes 
    Totally how many will go to the party?

  4.  Mary,s father,s brother is Andrews Andrews daughter,s son is Sunil Brothers name is Sam Who is Sam to Sunil?

  5.  If A>B,A<C,B>D,B<DFind the Shortest?

  6. There are A,B techers and C,D doctors.Find the possible no of combinations that should not be repeated more than once?

  7. There are 3 males and 2 females,find the possible no of orders that can be made by making the arrangement as in between two males one women is allowed to sit? 8. 
    Computer checking:

      Unix Test

  8. The syntax of command statement in UNIX 10. If the permission for a file is 000,then the file can be accessed by whom?

  9. Where we can run two same programs on a UNIX console at the same time?

  10. Which is the Shell of UNIX?

  11. What is the number of the masked code ee@?

  12. If we are terminated at the middle of the program execution in UNIX,what will happen to the program,it will (i) continue running 
    (ii) terminate
    (iii)the o/p will be send to ur mail?

  13.  what is the command to connecto to remote terminals

  14. what is the command to fetch first 10 records in a file

  15.  unix has the following features
    a. multithreading
    b. multitasking
    c. ..

  16. We are UPDATING a field in SQL and ALTER the row also.After giving the COMMIT command the system is crashed.What will happen to the commands given,whether it will UPDATE and ALTER the table or not?

  17.  How will add additional conditions in SQL?
                   C  Test

  18. How will u print TATA alone from TATA POWER using string copy and concate commands in C?

  19. If switch(n)
        case 1:printf("CASE !");
    What will be printed?

  20. How will u divide two numbers in a MACRO?

Amdocs Placement Paper : Amdocs Technical - Java


  1. All fat people are not dancers, food loving people are all fat .Find the contradictory statement?

  2. The day before yesterday was WEDNESDAY then the day after 2morrow is?

  3.  A goes to the party if B goes
     B goes to the party if C goes
     C goes to the party if D goes                                                               
     Totally how many will go to the party?

  4.  Mary,s father,s brother is Andrews Andrews daughter,s son is Sunil Brothers name is Sam Who is Sam to Sunil?

  5. If A>B,A<C,B>D,B<DFind the Shortest?

  6. There are A,B techers and C,D doctors.Find the possible no of  combinations that should not be repeated more than once?

  7. There are 3 males and 2 females,find the possible no of orders that can be made by making the arrangement as in between  two males one women is allowed to sit?

  8.  Computer checking:eeeDD
     1.eeggg 2.eeeDD3.eerrt,4.DDeee  The write answer is 2)eeeDD

  9.  The syntax of command statement in UNIX

  10.  If the permission for a file is 000,then the file can be accessed  by whom?

  11.  Where we can run two same programs on a UNIX console at the same time?

  12.  Which is the Shell of UNIX?

  13.  Wat is the number of the masked code ee@?

  14.  We are UPDATING a field in SQL and ALTER the row also.After giving  the COMMIT command the system is crashed.Wat will happen to the commands given,whether it will UPDATE and ALTER the table r not?

  15.  If we r terminated at the middle of the program execution in UNIX,wat will happen to the program,it will

      continue running r terminate r the o/p will be send to ur mail?

  16.  How will add additional conditions in SQL?

  17.  How will u print TATA alone from TATA POWER using string copy and  concate commands in C?

  18.  If switch(n)
          case 1:printf("CASE !");
         Wat will be printed?

  19. How will u divide two numbers in a MACRO?

  20. int a,b;
      1. main()
      2. {
      3.  scanf("............",&a,&b);
      4.   if...........{
      5.  printf("Print A");
      6.  else
      7.  Printf("...........");
      8.  endif}
        A.Wat will come in the 9 dash?
        B.Wat will happen if we replace Print A as Print X?
        C.Wat will come in the 3 dash?                                                                                 
        D.Wat will happen if we interchange 4 and 7?
        E.Wat will come in the 4 dash?

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