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Amdocs Placement Paper - May 2008
I have given amdocs paper on May2008.Find some questions below1.stdin The standard input - le descriptor 0.stdout The standard output - le descriptor 1.stderr The standard error - le descriptor 2.2. Constructor sequencefunction overloadingSQLTruncateData dictionaryCommittSavepointRollbackForiegn keyJoinsUnion -----useful for SQLUnixteebackground &umask, maskif will write cd on console it will move to parent, home or which…
Amdocs Whole Testpaper
AMDOCS PAPER 3rd AUGUST AT ALLAHABADWritten test: online test of arround 2:30 hrsthere were two sections first one is apptitude section and second one is technicalthere will be sectional cutoff in both of the section...each sections have 3-3 sub sections but they havn,t individual cut technical section the three sub section wasi)c (it,s on u,r choice u can choose java too) ii)sql & dbmsiii)unix(in it some part of os too).in apptitude section the three subsection wasi) arithematicii)simple…
Amdocs Whole Testpaper
AMDOCS PAPER ON 20th AUGUST 2006  AT DELHI Hi folks the paper was a mix of toughness, time constraint and easy questions. To summarize it, it contained of two main sections: 1.The Aptitude section 2.The Technical section People told me that there is sectional cut off of 60% in each of the two sections: Now talking about the sub sections of the paper: The Aptitude part consisted of 4 subsections. The Technical part also consisted of 4 subsections. Now ellaborating the paper, first it is…
Amdocs Technical - Java
Amdocs test has 2 sections   1.  Aptitude consist of 4 sections n consisted of diagrammatic reasoning n non verbal stuff   2.  Technical test consisted of 4 sections each of pseudocode,c,unix n sql all tests r computer based  The tests were :  1.   Analytical reasoning: maths   2. diagrammatic reasoning: In this, we were given 8 diagrams and had to select the9th corresponding      dg frm the givn choices. U have to be…
Amdocs Technical - Java
ALL IN A MIX:(VERBAL,QUANTITATIVE,DIAGRAMMATIC,C,SQL,UNIX,COMPUTER  CHECKING ETC..) All fat people are not dancers, food loving people are all fat .Find the contradictory statement? The day before yesterday was WEDNESDAY then the day after 2morrow is?  A goes to the party if B goes B goes to the party if C goes C goes to the party if D goes                                                                Totally…
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