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Download ntpc Placement Papers in MS Word and PDF Format for Job Interview

List of all download ntpc placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Click Here View Job List. This page will help you to get all details about download ntpc placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Download ntpc placement papers in PDF and Ms word format. Latest and ntpc last 5 years placement papers with solutions pdf download for campus job.

NTPC Placement Paper : NTPC Placement Paper Chemical Engg 04 September 2012

NTPC Chemical Engg Questions and Answers, NTPC Solved Question Paper, NTPC Previous Question Papers, NTPC Sample Question Paper with Solutions

Technical Questions
1.In a throttling process, the pressure of an ideal gas reduces by 50 %. If Cp and Cv are the heat capacities at constant pressure and constant volume, respectively (ϒ=Cp/Cv), the specific volume will change by a factor of
(A) 2
(B) 21/ϒ
(C) 2(ϒ-1)/ϒ
(D) 0.5


2. If the temperature of saturated water is increased infinitesimally at constant entropy, the resulting state of water will be
(A) Liquid
(B) Liquid – vapor coexistence
(C) Saturated vapor
(D) Solid

3. For an exothermic reversible reaction, which one of the following correctly describes the dependence of the equilibrium constant ( K ) with temperature (T ) and pressure ( P ) ?

(A) K is independent of T and P
(B) K increases with an increase in T and P
(C) K increases with T and decreases with P
(D) K decreases with an increase in T and is independent of P


4. Water is flowing under laminar conditions in a pipe of length L . If the diameter of the pipe is doubled, for a constant volumetric flow rate, the pressure drop across the pipe

(A) decreases 2 times
(B) decreases 16 times
(C) increases 2 times
(D) increases 16 times


5. The local velocity of a fluid along a streamline can be measured by

(A) Pitot tube
(B) Venturi meter
(C) Rotameter
(D) Orifice meter


6. For heat transfer across a solid-fluid interface, which one of the following statements is NOT true when the Biot number is very small compared to 1?

(A) Conduction resistance in the solid is very small compared to convection resistance in the fluid
(B) Temperature profile within the solid is nearly uniform
(C) Temperature drop in the fluid is significant
(D) Temperature drop in the solid is significant


7. In the McCabe-Thiele diagram, if the x -coordinate of the point of intersection of the q -line and the vapor-liquid equilibrium curve is greater than the x -coordinate of the feed point, then the quality of the feed is

(A) super-heated vapor
(B) liquid below bubble point
(C) saturated vapor
(D) saturated liquid


8. For which of the following combinations, does the absorption operation become gas-film controlled?

P. The solubility of gas in the liquid is very high
Q. The solubility of gas in the liquid is very low
R. The liquid-side mass transfer coefficient is much higher than the gas-side mass transfer coefficientS. The liquid-side mass transfer coefficient is much lower than the gas-side mass transfer coefficient

(A) P & Q
(B) P & R
(C) P & S
(D) Q & R


9. The half-life of an nth order reaction in a batch reactor depends on

(A) only the rate constant
(B) only the rate constant and the order of the reaction
(C) only the rate constant and the initial reactant concentration
(D) the rate constant, initial reactant concentration, and the order of the reaction


10. In petroleum refining, catalytic reforming is used to convert

(A) Paraffins and naphthenes to aromatics
(B) Paraffins to hydrogen and carbon monoxide
(C) Gas oil to diesel and gasoline
(D) Light olefins to gasoline


11. T he final boiling points of gasoline, diesel, atmospheric gas oil (AGO) and lubricating oils vary as

(A) gasoline > diesel > AGO > lubricating oils
(B) lubricating oils > AGO > diesel > gasoline
(C) AGO > lubricating oils > diesel > gasoline
(D) lubricating oils > diesel > AGO > gasoline


12. The main unit processes used for the production of hydrogen from natural gas are steam reforming (SR), pressure swing adsorption (PSA), low temperature water gas shift reaction (LT WGS) and high temperature water gas shift reaction (HT WGS). The correct sequence of these in the plant is



13. A thermometer initially at 100°C is dipped at t = 0 into an oil bath, maintained at 150°C. If the recorded temperature is 130°C after 1 minute, then the time constant of thermometer (in min) is

(A) 1.98
(B) 1.35
(C) 1.26
(D) 1.09


14. The Bode stability criterion is applicable when

(A) Gain and phase curves decrease continuously with frequency
(B) Gain curve increases and phase curve decreases with frequency
(C) Gain curve and phase curve both increase with frequency
(D) Gain curve decreases and phase curve increases with frequency


15. An equimolar mixture of A and B (A being more volatile) is flash distilled continuously at a feed rate of 100 kmol/h, such that the liquid product contains 40 mol % of A. If the relative volatility is 6, then the vapor product, in kmol/h, is

(A) 10
(B) 20
(C) 25
(D) 45


NTPC Placement Paper : NTPC Placement Paper Andhra University, Vishakapatnam 16 April 2011

The technial questions are mainly from environmental engineering and soil mechanics.The questions were simple and they are basics.

What does the mix design ratio imply: ans: cement : fineaggregate : coarse aggregate

What type of tendons are used in rail sleepers:

Who is the father of soil mechanics

Name the instrument usedfor the mesurement of velocity

What type of pile is used in the cohesionless soils: anchor piles(ans)

Removal of airvoids from the soil is defined as : compaction(ans)

Is the BOD content at 20degree or 30 degree is less after 5 days: 3odegree

Definition of reynolds num

Difference between indore and bangalore method of lanfill-bangalore is anaerobic and indore method is aerobic

Find the coefficient of active earth pressurewhen angle is 30degree

Definition of void ratio: ratio of volume of voids to volume of solids

What does the radius of the mohrcircle represent

The most healthy practice of disposal of waste: ans: landfill

The water body constructed to store the river water : dam

The structure constructed to allow the overflow in the dam: spillway

Two questions on the effective length of the column

Ratio of polar modulus to sectional modulus

Types of foundation used for various soils like cohesive and cohesion less soils

A qustion on the basic definition of delta and duty

The unit hydrograph is plotted for: discharge vs time

Various atmospheric zones : troposphere stratosphere mesopsphereetcc..arrange in the order

End products after the chlorination

2-3 problems on the noise polution verysimple formula oriented probs


Maths from ratios, percentages, ages, averages and the time work need to be concentrated
Data interpretation-from graphs,various information given
Abigparagraph with 5qns
General knowledge - 7 qns

NTPC Placement Paper : General - Interview PMI,sectar 16a,NOIDA - 3 July 2007

Hello frns,

I m from electronics and communication engg.

I hv been called for int. on 3&4 jul 07 after clearing the written exam. On d first day there was psycho test which was a formality and the gd.the gd was organized in groups of 7-9 candidates.2 topics were given and we hav to select one of them. Only one observer was present at my topic was “globalization and its effect on India”. The psycho test was of 7 min. consisting of 24 ques. & the gd was of 10-12 min.The whole of the day was engaged in document verification. the meal and tea is provided by them at no cost. At last we were told about d tim we should com next day for interview.

The interview was of 15 min (fix) as after every 15 min new candidate enters. I got an advantage of being a fresher so they just ask me about my final year project and nothing else. I was also placed in a good comp. so most of d tim they ask about d reason for joining the NTPC.

U should always b prepare for this question.

They called 125 candidates for 25 seats.

I m still waiting for the results to be announced in first week of august.

NTPC Placement Paper : General - Interview NIT PATNA - 10 September 2007

My branch is ECE.

NTPC Ltd. has visited our college on 10-09-2007 and has taken 21 students from different branches: ECE-6, Mech.-5, Civil-5, Electrical-5.

There was no written test, only interview (HR + Technical).

There were 4 members in the interview panel.

Interview of ECE students were conducted from 7:45 pm onwards.

I was the first student from ECE branch to face them so I was having no idea of the questions that were going to be asked.

The questions they asked me were :

Tell me about yourself, your family background and your academic details.

Any co-curricular activity?

If you were given opportunity to go abroad will you accept it?

What subjects you have read in these six semesters?

What is the role of electronics and communication in Power Plants?

What are Transducers?

How will you measure and display the temperature of a body?

What should be the capacity of the device you are using for measurement?


The interview lasted for around 10-15 minutes.

The results were announced at around 10 pm and they had selected 21 students and

I was among those 21.

NTPC Placement Paper : General - other Gurunanak Dev School,Udaipur - 22 April 2007


Technical test was not so tough(Instrumentation Stream) If U prepare 2to 3 weeks sincerely U can attempt 90% of portion
Paper will consist of 120 technical questions . It covers Analog,Digital,Control,Process control , Electronic Meaurement and Industrial Measurement

Qus Principle of Optical Fiber: Total Internal reflection
2 Anticipatory controllers are; Derivative
3 Routh Stability defines : poles on the left/right/......
4. One question is on Final Value theory
5 S^5+s^4+.............. : How many roots find out
6 System is Marginally stable When root lies on
7 One 2 question on K-Map
8 9,s complement of 19
9 encoders and Decoders are different: No of Active lines
10 Flashing Memory is
11 Find out Hexadecimal code of
12 Input Impedance of CRO is
13 Casacading of an Low pass and high pass filter will give : Notch filter
14 Pitot tube is used to measure
15 Why FET is used in Electronic Voltmeter
16 Data Acqsition System Comprise of Blocks: Transducers,A/d conveter, sensors...........................
17 Some quetion on General Engineering
18 Ph changes from 5 to 7 Hydrogen Ion concentration will increase/decrease............
19 2 Questions on feedforward control
rest 50 questions of Aptitute.................

NTPC Placement Paper : Technical - Other Mount Carmel School,New Delhi - 22 April 2007


HELLO frns

I am giving u the paper minutes of NTPC exam on april 22 ,2007 b’cz I have faced the problem of non availability of any pattern or sample questions .It was really an easy paper so the cut off marks r really high. It constitutes of 170 questions (120 tech + 50 apti) in 2hrs.

For tech part the syllabus is same as of the GATE and for apti part R.S.Aggarwal is more than sufficient. As time duration is very short so time management is very important.


For this section no special attention is required only rs aggarwal is enough and it also has easy level of English section.


For this section u have to b good in the basics. No hard question were asked but u should b careful about your time . It has also some part of very basic general knowledge. The questions were from following topics

10-12 q about microprocessor(8085)

3 q abt RS232 standard

7-10 q of GK

4-6 q of opamp

10-15 q of digital comm..

2-5 q of microwave

15-20 q of analog devices

20-23 q of digital electronics(flip flops,gates,mux,no system etc)

1 q of ISO OSI model

5-8 q of control system

10-12 q of signals and their processing


passage for comp
word meaning based (antonym and synonyms) fetter, fester, lucid, anomaly, elucidate etc
word analogy based
what is a tunnel diode
wht is a zener diode
effect of + and – feedback on stability
composition of gobar gas
function of differential in the vehicle
function of stack register
fun of instruction pointer
fun of rst6.5,7.5
wht is an interrupt
output vtg calc on op amp
how a pulse train can b generated using registers
conversion of oct to hex,hex to binary
fun of quantizer in pcm
why fm is less prone to noise
fun of limiter in detection of FM
wht is envelop detector
phase shift of 1/s^2
signal limited to 1000 hz sampled at nyquist rate.quantizer has 128 level .calculate the bit rate of the system.
1.5 V battery supply same power to R1 and R2 separately(R1>R2).calc the internal resistance of battery
a wire is cut in two halves. one half is again stretched to th twice of length .calc the resistance.
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