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Download ge Placement Papers in MS Word and PDF Format for Job Interview

List of all download ge placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Click Here View Job List. This page will help you to get all details about download ge placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Download ge placement papers in PDF and Ms word format. Latest and ge last 5 years placement papers with solutions pdf download for campus job.

GE Placement Paper : GE Placement Paper GE Tech Stress Materials 05 May 2012

GE Strength of Materials Frequently Asked Questions and answers

1 Why do we have to make the assumption that plane sections plane?

In order to make calculation of stresses due to torsion easy, we need to make certain simplifying assumptions on the deformation pattern which is realistic. It is has been found from the rigorous solution procedure (elasticity solution) and from the experiments that the circular cross section members subjected to pure torsion in the elastic range satisfy very closely this condition of plane sections remain plane and rigid. By making this assumption, the solution procedure becomes simple as shown in the ‘basic concepts’ section in the derivation for torsional stresses.

2 How about bars with non-axis symmetric cross section?
For bars with non-ax symmetric cross section, the assumption of plane section remain plane is not satisfied. Regions of the cross-section undergo deformations in the axial direction leading to ‘warping’ of the section. There are again certain simplifying assumptions which are relaxation of the ax symmetric bar assumption that can be used to find stresses in a non-ax symmetric bar.

3 The formulae derived look very similar to beam and axial deformation formulae?
The formulae derived look very similar to beam and axial deformation formulae?
Yes, that’s true. In all the three derivations pertaining to axial, beam and torsional deformations, the assumption of plane section remains plane is used and it leads to very similar formulae for these three types of structural members.

4Is the derivation for composite axis symmetric bar subjected to torsion similar to the composite beam derivation?
Yes. Since plane sections remain plane assumption holds good for composite bar subjected to torsion, similar principle as derivation for composite beam can be used to solve for stresses in a composite bar subjected to torsion.

5 What if material is non-isotropic?
If the material is non-isotropic (i.e. anisotropic), then the elastic modulii will vary and thus the problem will be completely different with additional stresses appearing since there is a coupling between shear stresses and normal stresses for an anisotropic material.

6 What if material goes to plastic range?
Even, if the material goes to plastic range, plane sections remain plane assumption is assumed to hold. Therefore, the strains can be found out from which distribution of stresses can be derived from equilibrium principles.

7 What about non-linear elastic materials?
8 Why is the variation of shear strain with radius linear?
For non-linear elastic materials again, the elastic modulii are different and are functions of the strains. Therefore, while solving for stresses, appropriate constitutive law should be used before applying the equilibrium conditions.

9 What do we do for stepped shafts?

10 Why do they have a tapering change in c.s. for stepped shafts?
For stepped shafts, away from the abrupt change in the cross-section, the stresses can be computed using the same formulae derived taking appropriate diameter of the shaft portion in to consideration. (See: Worked out Examples: Stepped Shafts). At the region of change in geometry, stress concentrations can occur due to abrupt change radius. (refer to ,stress concentration, section of "Advanced Topics")

11 Why deal with torsion of an axis symmetric bar?

12 How do I solve for stresses in the case of impact torque on an axis symmetric bar?

13 Why is the variation of shear strain with radius linear?

14 This emanates from the fact that the cross-section rotates as a rigid body because of axis symmetry condition of the cross-sectional geometry and the anti-axis symmetry of the torque. Since the cross-section rotates as a rigid body, the amount of rotation is linear with respect to the variation in radius.

15 deal with torsion of an axis symmetric bar?

16 How do I solve for stresses in the case of impact torque on an axis symmetric bar?

GE Placement Paper : GE Tech Interview GE Stress materials Qn 05 May 2012

GE Technical Interview Questions & Answers | Technical Interview Questions & Tips | Strength Of Materials Interview Questions
Latest Interview Questions & Answers

GE Stress of Material Questions

1Which type of shaft is preferred for power transmission, solid or hollow one?
Hollow shaft utilize material strength more efficiently, so hollow shaft used if you concerned about weight. But, when weight is not a concern, solid shaft is better (stronger, of course), easy to fabricate.

2.What is structurally stronger, solid steel or hollow steel?
If a solid and hollow shape have the same outside dimensions, the solid one is clearly stronger. The reason you see so many hollow sections is that they have an incredibly higher strength/weight ratio and can resist the same load with much less material used.

3.What will be the difference in torsional strength of hollow shaft & solid shaft of same outer diameter at equal load.
Compare the polar moment of inertia of the solid cross section to the hollow cross section. You’ll find that the difference between the two is equal to the polar moment of inertia of the portion removed from the hollow section.
The deflection of the shaft under a torsional load would be the product of the torsional load and the length of the shaft divided by the product of Polar Moment of inertia and modulus of rigidity of the shaft: theta=TL/JG.

4.What are the units for Poisson’s ratio?
It is a unit less quantity. Because it is one quantity divided by another quantity of the same units. In fact, even the parent quantities that define Poisson’s ratio are unit less. Strain has no units.

5.What is the difference between Stress and Pressure?
Stress=Resistive force/Area.
Stress is pull force and Pressure is push force.
.Heat Treatment Process HRC Stands for
2.Material OHNS Stands for HRC Stands for –Rockwell Hardness C scale
3.OHNS Stands for — Oil Hardenable Non Shrinkage steel

6.Function of Fly wheel
Flywheel stores the Kinetic Energy during the idle portion of the work cycle,and delivers this Kinetic Energy during peak-load.

7.Bullet Proof Glass is made up of which material?
Bulletproof glass is usually constructed using a strong but transparent material such as polycarbonate thermoplastic or by using layers of laminated glass. The desired result is a material with an appearance and light-transmitting behavior of standard glass but offers varying degrees of protection from small arms fire. The polycarbonate layer, usually consisting of products such as Cyrolon, Lexan and Tuffak, is often sandwiched between layers of regular glass. The use of plastic in the laminate provides impact-resistance, such as physical assault with a hammer, an axe, etc. The plastic provides little in the way of bullet-resistance. The glass, which is much harder than plastic, flattens the bullet and thereby prevents penetration. This type of bullet-resistant glass is usually 70-75 mm thick.

8.Difference between Performance and Efficiency?
Performance is the measure of quality of the work done by any machine. better the quality better will be the performance of that machine. while efficiency is the ratio of desired output to the required input for any machine.
Performance is about the quality that a machine or plant is producing suppose there are two machines, first produces the job of accuracy .002mm and the second one produce product of the accuracy .001mm. then the second one will have higher performance. while efficiency is the ratio of the o/p to the i/p. if same machines are producing 200 and 100 product per day respectively for the same i/p,then the eff. of the first machine will be high.

9 What are the causes of main engine black smoke?
There is many cause of black smoke.
1. It’s improper mixture of fuel supply by carburetor like very rich mixture so the fuel improper burn.
2. It’s when piston or piston ring is fail so back side cooling oil release in combustion chamber it cause black smoke.
3. Improper ignition system like not sufficient time of pressure rise delay period

GE Placement Paper : GE Placement Paper IIT Kharagpur 05 December 2010

The selection process is

1) Written test
2) Technical interview
3) HR interview

The first paper of the written test is of Aptitude (10 Questions) of 20 mins and the second one is based upon you are background (Myself being a mechanical engg: I have selected Heat Transfer/CFD) and it consists of 12 questions (20 mins).

There is no negative marking

These are the questions given to us
In Aptitude

1) First problem is related to ratio.(easy one)

2) The sum of 2 numbers is 24. If the twice of the square of the smaller one is 4 more than square of the larger one. Find the numbrs?

3) Boat problem (Speed of boat in still water is given, for a same time distance of upstream and downstream is given). Find the speed of the stream?

4th and 5th problem on angles
Sixth one is logarithm prblm (easy one)

7) 2^x= 7^y= 14^z ,z=? (in terms of x and y) ans if xy/(x-y)

8) A rectangle of 3780 m and 4800 m. What are the minium number of square tiles to fill the rectangle of a given area.
Ans: Take HCF of two numbers, that is the minimum side of the square. Divide it you,ll get the answer Coming to the Technical section (among the options of Stress, (Heat Transfer) CFD, Chemical/CFD, Electrical ), i have selected Heat Transfer (CFD)
Out of the 12 questions 6- 7 questions were very easy like

If pr>1
Which bl is greater
Thermal boundary layer or hydrodynamic bl
T increases How K varies for solids and gases
For a finite parallel the radiation will depend on

Some heat transfer problems and few CFD problems in central difference scheme what is the criteria for stability?

GE Placement Paper : GE Placement Paper IIT Guwahati 02 December 2010

Dear Friends,

This is Sreedhar rao M.Tech (Structural Engg), IIT Guwahati. Here I am giving you brief discussion about GE.

Question Paper

Part 1: Aptitude, 10 questions (10 marks) this is common for all branches.

Part 2: Stress, 10 Technical questions (10 marks) this is common for Civil/Mechanical. Don,t expect much about written test. It is very simple without preparation, you can clear written.

In apptitude simple questions on flow chart based question, one question on numbers (just solving two equations, you can get answer), one question on cost and price, questions on time and work, one question on train (the length of train is 1.5 km and the time taken to cross 1km bridge is 10sec. If the bridge is 2km. How much time the same train to cross the bridge?). Finaly all were numericals. One more question:

Some of the reciprocals of two numbers is 1/12 and difference is 1/24 then find the smaller number of them? Better look at R.S. Aggarwal once. No questions on English.

In tecnical paper, as name suggests that it was completely on stress calculations. Simple numericals on hoop stress, formula for equavalent bending moment, principle stress diagram was given that sigma1=200Mpa, sigma2=-100Mpa and find pricipal strain?(E=250Mpa,nu=0.25). One diagram was given which was having steel and copper and options were given to choose which material will be subjected to tension and compression. Simple question on springs, spring has stiffness ok, if the spring was cut into 2 pieces what about the stiffness.

One question on ratios of solid and hollow shafts. See the text book once. One simple question on natural frequency, A cantilever beam is having weight 10N at free end. Find the natural frequecy?

I got 6/10 in aptitude, 8/10 in tech. I went for the interview. He asked me about my thesis work. Some simple questions on thesis work. I answered all expect one. I was thinking for that question. He asked me to leave that question. Then he moved to ask questions on mechanics. I answered 50% of mechanics questions. I was eliminated in techincal interview. Only two were placed in GE. One from mechanical and one fron structure. Some of my friends were also eliminated in HR round also.

The persons, who are working in complete finite element anlaysis have better chances to get placed in GE. My experience my help you in future. GE pay package was 6.35 lacs in hand.

GE Placement Paper : GE Placement Paper U V PATIL COLLEGE,GUJRAT 17 August 2010

In GE.there are three rounds
1.Written test
2.Technical round(elimination round)
3.HR interview.

In first round,there was a wriiten test which includes 3 SECTIONS EACH OF 20 minutes.
In APTITUTE GENERAL:10 questions
areas are:
boats and streams, revolutions of wheel,figure guessing, to find odd one out.Coding and decoding, probability.
As I am a student of mechanical, we had other test papers of
STRESS:10 questions
STRENGTH OF MATERIALS. shear stress.principal streses, hoop stress, load buckling, matrix based calculation of stress.
whole test based on numericals which are not complex ones, displacement based,

Heat Transfer and thermal: 10 questions in 20 min
1.Dimensionless numbers, thermall diffusivity,convection,conduction,fuels.
Try to go for solving numericals .

GE Placement Paper : GE Test Paper

test held at chennai in 2005

There were two sections, comprising of 50 questions off 60 minutes contains 20 aptitude questions and 30 Technical questions.
Aptitude section had Critical Reasoning 6 Q,s, And General Reasoning 5-6 Q,s and General Aptitude. Two Q,s from Time and
Work and 2 Q,s from Chain Rule and 2 Q,s from Ratio and proportion and 1 Q,s from Time and Distance.
In the technical part 10 Q,s from Data Stucutre, 10 Q,s from C and 10 Q,s from C++.

GE Placement Paper : GE General - Interview

written test(aptitude n tech)
tech interview
hr interview

written test techinical was easy........just prepare for the basics in specified branch........i am from EIE(ELECTRONIS ANDNSTRUMENTATION).written test consists of 10q from aptitude n 15q from technical.time-1hr. 

i was qualified in written test.......
then we were asked to be ready for tech interview.2 people came from GE for selection.they r quite encouragive.....for me tech interview lasted for half an hour. as soon as i went into the room sir wished me n even i wished him.he asked me to take seat.

interviewer:how r u?
me: fine sir.
interviewer :how is  the written test.
me: tech paper was easy but i couldnt have enough time to solve aptitude.he directly entered into subject questions den.
int: which subjects r u interested in.
me: microprocessors n digital electronics.
int: so wat is an interrupt?
me:i told
int :wat r the interrupts in 8085 n classify them
me: i told(interviewer is basically from EEE so he is not much aware of microprocessors,so i was quite comfortable wid those easy questions)
int :r u comfortable wid basic inst subjects?
me: s sir
int: so tell me what all u learnt in process control
me: i told pid control,cascade control,feedforward control.......all control mechanisms n about control valves etc.
int: so tell me about PID control
me: startin from Proportional control i told all the advantages n y do we switch to PID and all.....
int: so draw a blck diagram of any process u know
me: i have drawn temp process loop
int: explain each block
me: i explained it.......but he was very specifin in each block....he asked me how do u measure temperature over der.....i told RTD which type....i didnt tell...
int:  what r the different methods of measurin flow
me: i told(int has our syllabus book wid him,he covered all subjects)
int: how do we measure pressure in this room
me: i was not sure( i just told about various presssure measuring devices.....n i told to measure pressure in room a very sensitive device is needed as pressure in the room is nearly equal to atm press)
int: how do we measure level
me: i told
int: so wats the ckt of tube light.
me: sorry sir, i dont know
int: so wat kind of motor ll be ther fan
me: again i guessed.....but i later told sorry sir i am not comfortable wid electrical machines subject( but interviewer is from EEE soo i think i ll be out)
int: wat r the advantages of fiber optics
me: i told
int: what r the losses in fibers
me: i told
int: wat is the current through a telephone wire
me: i was again sorry
int: wat is cascade control
me: i told
int: any more questions from ur side
me: no sir
int: ok u can leave....
me: thank u sir....... 

i was selected in tech interview 

GE Placement Paper : GE Whole Testpaper

Hi friends,

GE was on our campus on 30-JULY-2007. Recruitment was done for both HTC (Hyderabad technological centre, Hyderabad) and JFWTC (John F.Welch technological center, Bangalore). Pay scale 3.6L P.A for B.Tech and 4.75L P.A for M.Tech guys.Thanks to Fresher’s world which helped me a lot in getting into my dream company. I hope my experience may help you a lot.    


Paper pattern


For Electrical – 10 Aptitude and 10 Technical questions.

For Civil   10 Aptitude and 10 Technical questions.

For Mechanical  – 10 Aptitude and 10 Technical questions.

For Electronics – 10 Aptitude questions.

For Computer Science – 10 Aptitude and 10 Technical questions in C.

Duration of test 30 minutes. Each correct answers carries 1mk .

Note: Negative marking  of  ¼ mk exists for each wrong answer.

Getting through the written test is quite easy. Then we had Technical interview followed by  HR interview.


This paper is for Electrical students. Hope aptitude is almost same for all branches, only technical paper is different.


Aptitude paper

1. The time taken by boat to row upstream 2km and downstream 6km is same. Calculate  

     the speed of boat in still water.

     a) 4kmph       b) 8kmph       c) 2kmph

      Ans   a

2. A, B, C can finish a piece of work in 12 days. A alone can finish the same work in 20 

    days. B alone can finish the same work in 18 days. In how days C alone can complete

    the same work.( numbers are not accurate but question is of this type).

3. The fungus in a vessel doubles for every 3.00 P.M the fungus in the vessel  

      is 120. at what time the fungus rate is 960.

      Ans 3.15 P.M

4. The size of the room is 120x80 and the size of each tile is 2.4x1.8. Find minimum 

    number of tiles required to cover the floor (number are not accurate)

5.  A triangle inscribed in a circle is given and asked to find out the angle. (A bit tough 

     question among all the questions)

6. AB and CD are two chords of a circle. AB=2*CD. The perpendicular distance of

     chords AB and CD from the center of the circle are a, b respectively. Express AB in 

    terms of a, b.

7. A pipe can fill tank in 3 hrs. A hole a bottom of tank can empty the tank in 6 hrs. After 

    ½ hr the hole at the bottom of tank is opened. Find the time taken to fill the tank  

    completely. (Numbers are not accurate. Problem of this model is given)

8. Problem on figures is given. Some sequence of figures (around 5) are given and asked 

    to find the next figure that comes in sequence.


 Technical paper

1. In dc motor the motion of conductor is given by

   a) Flemming’s right hand rule    b) Fleming’s left hand rule

   c) Cork screw rule                       d)  ……………………                        Ans  b.

2. The resistance of conductor is R. If the conductor length gets doubled and cross section  

     is reduced by half a times then the resistance of conductor is

     a).R remains same                     b) R gets reduced by 2

     c) R increases by 2                    d) R increases by 4                             Ans   d.

3. Two plates of cross section 2mm2 are separated by a distance of 1cm. the capacitance        

    between these plates is 

    ( I don’t remember exact figures, question of this to compute the value of capacitance       

        C = €A/d)

4. No of poles, speed of the alternator, etc are given and asked to find the voltage induced 

    in the rotor ckt of the alternator.

5. In parallel circuit under resonance

    a) current is maximum             b) impedance is minimum

    c) voltage magnification takes place    d) current magnification takes place

6. 3 resistances of  R/2 are connected in star , the magnitude of resistances  when 

     connected in delta is

       Ans 3R/2

7. Problem on dual networks

    Sorry  I could not recall remaining questions. For aptitude R.S.Agarwal aptitude 

    R.S.Agarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning are more than enough. For technical just

    prepare basic concepts in networks and machines.


Technical interview

     This is the basic elimination round. My interview lasted for about 45 to 50min.

Before attending the interview just  have a very good brush up in all the electrical subjects especially power systems protection, machines, power system operation and control, power electronics and drives.

Answer all questions with great confidence . Be cool. GE people are very friendly. Dont give up any question quite easily Try till last they will help you at most of times. Try to answer all the questions. Once you get through this round they will ask you to stay back for next round.


HR interview.

     This is very very cool round among all the rounds.95%  its not elimination round. Here they test your communication skills and your problem handling capability. For me it was just 30-40min.For one of my friend it lasted for about 1and ½ hr.

Here they asked me quite general questions like

Tell me about urself.

Hobbies and  interests.

Areas of interest.

Tell me about GE.

Ur dream company other than GE.

How many days you will be in GE

Some more questions of this type were asked.

GE Placement Paper : GE Technical - Other


First section consisted of  10 aptitude questions

1. pipes and cistern problem
2. ratio and proportion problem find the angle ( triangles, circles)(2 questions)
4.non verbal reasoning
5.2^x = 7^y = 14^z ,then express z in terms of x and y and work
7.boat and stream
8. a simple coding problem  

technical-mechanical-stress analysis-10 questions 

1.shear force diagram simply supported beam with an eccentric moment
2. failure theory for ductile materials
3.stress due to temperature change in free bar
4.where is the stress accurate in a finite element? (  options: node, interior, gauss point ,centroid)
5.hoop stress problem
6. mohr circle representation

GE Placement Paper : GE Whole Testpaper


There are total 4 rounds

1. Test

2. Tech interview round1
3. Tech interview round2
4. HR

Test (30mins)
1.what is the probabilty of person not sharing the same birth day (ignoring leap year)
 a. 90%       B.97.3%    c.93%        d.96%           ans b.

2. What is the probality of getting same nos in  two dies
a 1/6        b.1/3        c.1/4        d.1/2         ans .a        

3. What is the angle   <xoy
     if <axo=20deg
Ans :160

4.if 2x=7y=14z  write z in terms of x and y
A. (X-y)/xy      b.(x+y)/ xy    c.(y-x)/xy    d. Xy /.(x+y)        ans d

5. There r some ingreients for a perfume like m,n,o,p,q
  a. If m is there n shoud be there
  b. If q is ther when o is there
  c. P should more then the others.
      4 Choices r given.......

6. A question on coding like if xhji= ferf then komj=?(not same)

7.  There are 2 parallel chords ab & cd wer ab & cd r on opposite   side of the center, where ab=2(cd) the distance from these chord ab=a & cd=b if cd=x then write x interms of ab,cd
   ans: 2sqrt(  (b2-a2)/3)

8. Can u dived 1000 in to 2 parts where one part is a multiple of 47 and other part multiple of 19
 1.____________________        2.________________________

9. A question on seating arranement with 5 people. some conditions r given

10 A problem on trains to find out length and bridge
they mainly asked questions from the Mechanical and Civil subjects like strength of materials, heat transfer, thermodynamics etc.,
mainly on BTech and MTech project works. HR is some wat difficult
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