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GSSL Paper Aptitude - General
Sample Test Paper SECTION 1- APTITUDE SECTIONDirections for questions 1-3: Complete the sequence given below1. 5, 5, 13, 13, 21, 21, __Ans: 29 2. 0, 7, 26, 63, 124, __ Ans: 215 ( hint: n3-1 ) 3. 1, 3, 5, 7, __Ans: 9 4. If a person walks at 4/5th of his usual speed he reaches 40min late. If he walks at his usual speed for how much time does he travel ? 5. Two trains A&B start at opposite points 120km apart at 60kmph. A fly starting along with train A at 120kmph reaches B then returns back to…
GSSL Paper Aptitude - General
1) you should learn pointers(they may ask in i.w) 2)****should learn c++(this is very very imp,based on this only i got more thing is class,inheratenci&polymorphism is sufficient) 3)you should prepare one fem project and tell them that as your own work(this will increase chance to 99%) written test pattern--------------------1] c test 10q 20minuits2]f e m test 19q 20minuits3]aptitude test 15q 20minuits-----------------------------f e m test---------- 1)who used the term finite element…
These gssl company papers are just samples to help you to prepare for job interview. Download them on your mobile and computer and study them.
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