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Iocl Placement Papers

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IOCL Placement Paper Electrical 2012
IOCL PART - I TYPICAL QUESTIONS & ANSWERS OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS Q.1 The two windings of a transformer is (A) conductively linked. (B) inductively linked.(C) not linked at all. (D) electrically linked. Ans : BQ.2 A salient pole synchronous motor is running at no load. Its field current is switched off. The motor will (A) come to stop. (B) continue to run at synchronous speed.(C) continue to run at a speed slightly more than the synchronous speed.(D) continue to run at a speed slightly less than…
IOCL Placement Paper Computer Engineering Networking 2012
IOCL computer engineering questions with answers1. Which layer 1 devices can be used to enlarge the area covered by a single LAN segment? SwitchNICHubRepeaterRJ45 transceiverA.1 onlyB.1 and 3C.3 and 4D.5 onlyAnswer: Option DNot that you really want to enlarge a single collision domain, but a hub (multiport repeater) will provide this for you.2. Routers operate at layer _____. LAN switches operate at layer _____. Ethernet hubs operate at layer _____. Word processing operates at layer _____.A.3, 3,…
Paper Submited By SheetalSection one: (100 Questions)General Aptitude.EnglishAntonymSynonymSentance ComplitionReading ComprihensionGeneral KnowledgeMathsEquationPercentageInterestSpeed and timeand some basic mathsSection two: (100 Questions)Discipline Wise QuestionsQuestions onBinary TreeStack & Queue conceptGateS (AND OR NAND NOR XOR...)Operation system fundamentals ( stress on diff algorithms)Data structure basicsC fundaHit ratio, Page fault, seek time and other computer architech. fundamentalsCompilar…
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