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ABB Placement Paper 07 July 2010
ABB PAPER ON 8th JULY AT COIMBATOREHi friends,I attended ABB last week and the test pattern is as follows:1) Verbal section - 20 (20 mins): Very easy. No need special preps2) Analytical - 20(25 mins): Somewhat tough. Time matters3) Attention to detail - 15(15 mins): Easy. Questions like which two are alike4) Technical - 60(60 mins): Very tough. Questions from almost every nook and corner of EEE.More questions from switchgears, circuit breakers. etcThe test will be online and there is sectional cut-off.…
ABB Placement Paper 28 Sepember 2011
ABB Questions was like below: ABB PAPER ON 29th SEPTEMBER 20101.What would be the output of the following program.#includemain(){extern int a;printf("%d",a);;}int a=20;(a) 20 (b) 0 (c) garbage value (d) error!!2.What would be the output of the following program.main(){int a[5]={2,3};printf("\n %d %d %d",a[2],a[3],a[4]);}(a) garbage value (b) 2 3 3 (c) 3 2 2 (d) 0 0 03.What would be the output of the following program.main(){inti=-3,j=2,k=0,m;m=++i&&++j||++k;printf("\n %d %d %d %d",i,j,k,m);}(a)…
ABB Placement Paper 11 Sepember 2011
Major portion was from high level concepts of RDBMS and DBA. 5-6 questions from C, 5-6 from Unix, 2-3 about binary-decimal and 2-3 from OS and Networking.1. Which directory contains info about user accounts in UNIXa-/usrb-/usr/srcc-/homed-/root2. What does EXP command do?a) create backupb) recoveryc)d)none3. Lowest layer of UNIXa) Hardwareb) Kernelc) Shelld) None4. What does whoami command do?---(ans)current user.5. Which command is used for help on a particular command in UNIX?---(ans)man command6.…
ABB Placement-Paper 14 Auguest 2011
ABB technical questions with answers1. In a ckt. We are giving voltage of 50 Hz as well as 60. then what will be the resultant frequency.Less than 50More than 60In between 50 & 60Noneaccording to our conclusion answer will be none because if we apply two frequency component resultant frequency we can not say with such an ease.2. In a ckt a single resistor is connected across a d.c. source, what will be the effect on current in first resistor if we connect one more resistance in parallel with earlier…
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