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Inphlox Placement Papers

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Inphlox Placement Papers 2010
1.) what are the two types of overloadings?The Two Types of overloading are as follows.Method overloadingProperty overloading2.) Whats the difference between include() and require()?Both used for connecting to the database. but the main difference b/w them if we r using include()and the file is not found then a warring will be occure and script will be execute.. But in the case of require() a error will occure and script will be helt3.)Explain different types of errors in PHP?Its three types1. Fatal…
Inphlox Interview Questions
INTERVIEW QUESTION1.) What are the different types of caching?Page output caching, Fragment and Data caching.2.) What are the two main keywords used for authorization?Allow and Deny3.) How many types of Authentication modes available and what are they?There are 3 types of authentication as follows:WindowsPassportForm3.) Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code?Server side code will process at server side & it will send the result to client. Client side code (javascript) will…
Inphlox Placement Papers
1.) Is UNIX and Linux Both Are same?No,Both are different.But Both are writen in POSIX standards , thats why lots of authors used to refer as same, but strictly saying both are differnt.2.) Tell The Two Boot loader Names in Linux?The Most Popular Boot Loaders are.LILOGRUB3.)What is the major advantage of a hash table?The major advantage of a hash table is its speed. Because the hash function is to take a range of key values and transform them into index values in such a way that the key values are…
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