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List of all download isro placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Click Here View Job List. This page will help you to get all details about download isro placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Download isro placement papers in PDF and Ms word format. Latest and isro last 5 years placement papers with solutions pdf download for campus job.

ISRO Placement Paper : ISRO Scientist/Engineer Recruitment Exam Placement Paper 2009

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)
Scientist/Engineers Recruitment
Sample Paper for Computer Science (IT)
This Sample Paper is based on the expected syllabus for ISRO Scientist/Engineer Recruitment Exam. Candidates may get an idea about what to read for the Computer Science / IT Stream Examination. We wish all of you a good luck for the paper. This question paper has been adapted from GJ Tutorial,s IT Study material based on the vast experience in teaching for various similar recruitment and admission exams.
1. Which of the following features usually applies to data in a data warehouse?
(a) Data are often deleted
(b) Most applications consists of transactions
(c) Data are rarely deleted
(d) Relatively few records are processed by applications
(e) None of these
2. Which of the following is a transaction?
(a) A group of SQL statements consisting of one read and one write operation
(b) A group of SQL statements consisting only of ready operations.
(c) A group of SQL statements defining a user-oriented task
(d) A group of SQL statements consisting only of write operations.
(e) None of these
3. There are several security devices used to stop individuals from exploiting your system. Which of the following is used in conjunction with a firewall?
(a) Proxy server
(b) Intrusion- detection system
(c) Terminal server
(d) Web server
(e) None of these
4. The effect of the ROLLBACK command in a transaction is the following......
(a) Undo all changes to the data- base resulting from the execution of the transaction
(b) Undo the effects of the last UPDATE command
(c) Restore the content of the database to its state at the end of the previous day
(d) Make sure that all changes to the database are in effect
(e) None of these
5. A client / server network ..........
(a) has clients that provide functions such as application control and shared computation.
(b) uses client computers to provide copies of software to the server to allow server processing.
(c) provides a company with the capability to downsize from lager computer systems and move away from legacy systems.
(d) has server computers that perform all processing, clients are, dumb, input/ output devices only.
(e) None of these.
6. An applet is ....... Document application program.
(a) a static
(b) a dynamic
(c) an active
(d) a passive
(e) None of these
7. The local antenna for satellite connections is called a ........
(a) modem
(b) terminal
(c) VSAT
(d) DTA
(e) None of these
8. What are the four basis connecting hardware devices?
(a) Repeater, bridge, router and gateway
(b) Repeater, bridge, router and dell
(c) Repeater, connector, router and gateway
(d) Amplifier, bridge, router and gateway
(e) None of these
9. Which type of processing speed measurement is used primarily with supercomputers?
(a) Flops
(b) Fractions of second
(c) Gigahertz
(d) MIPS
(e) None of these
10. This type of software is designed for users who want to customize the programs they use.
(a) Shareware
(b) Open-source software
(c) Freeware
(d) Macros
(e) None of these
11. What is the term associated with the second part of an e-mail address?
(a) Local address
(b) Eight characters long
(c) User name
(d) Domain name
(e) None of these
12. A port that allows 8 bits at a time to be transmitted simultaneously is a (n) .....
(a) dedicated port
(b) parallel port
(c) SCSI port
(d) USB port
(e) None of these
13. In order for computers to communicate across a network, they must be connected through a(n).....
(a) TCP/IP
(b) Topology
(c) Ethernet
(d) Thin client
(e) None of these
(e) C. Rangarajan
14. What is a specialized software program that allows input and output devices to communicate with the rest of the computer system?
(a) Utility driver
(b) Utility program
(c) Data compression utility
(d) Device driver
(e) None of these
15. Single party disk relying on the disk controller for finding out which disk has failed is used by-
(a) RAID level 5
(b) RAID level 2
(c) RAID level 4
(d) RAID level 3
(e) RAID level 1
16. Which of these terms refers to the feature of an OS that allows a single computer to process the tasks of several users at different stations, in round-robin fashion?
(a) Multiprocessing
(b) Multiprogramming
(c) Multitasking
(d) Time processing
(e) Time-sharing
17. Which of the following statements is not true about two-tier client-server database architecture?
(a) SQL statements are processed on the server
(b) SQL statements may be processed on some of the clients
(c) Business logic is mostly processed on clients
(d) Business logic may be processed on the server
(e) None of these
18. A Relational operator that yields all values from selected attributes is known as a -
(a) difference
(b) product
(c) select
(d) project
(e) join
19. Normalization is:
(a) the process of creating small stable data structures from complex groups of data when designing a relational database
(b) a methodology for documenting database illustrating the relationship between various entities in the database
(c) an approach to data management that stores both data and the procedures acting on the data as object that can be automatically retrieved and shared
(d) a representation of data as they would appear to an application programmer or user
(e) a representation of data as they actually would be organized on physical storage media
20. The process of building a model that demonstrate the features of a proposed product, service or system is called a -
(a) JAD
(b) RAD
(c) templating
(d) prototyping
(e) TAD
21. Which of the following is mandatory component of a URL?
(a) Resource Path
(b) Protocol
(c) Port Number
(d) Domain Name
(e) None of these
22. DBMS allows you to extrapolate information from your data by using a-
(a) query language
(b) table generator
(c) report generator
(d) wizard
(e) None of these
23. A subschema is -
(a) a description of the physical and logical structure of data and the relationship among the data
(b) a file that identifies the subset of data that a group of users can access
(c) a detailed description of all data contained in the database
(d) a description of the types of modifications that users can make to a database
(e) Either (c) or (d)
24. Which of the following is not a type of hub?
(a) Passive hub
(b) Inactive hub
(c) Switching hub
(d) Intelligent hub
(e) None of these
25. The ........... lists the location of files on the disk
(a) FAT
(b) boot sector
(c) root folder
(d) data area
(e) None of these
1. (b) 2. (a) 3. (a) 4. (a) 5. (b)
6. (b) 7. (e) 8. (a) 9. (a) 10. (a)
11. (d) 12. (b) 13. (b) 14. (d) 15. (d)
16. (e) 17. (c) 18. (d) 19. (a) 20. (d)
21. (e) 22. (a) 23. (e) 24. (b) 25. (a)

ISRO Placement Paper : Isro Placement Papers - 2008

For engineering graduates,
Branch: Mechanical
Batch: 2008
The written exam is of one and half hours. It is objective. +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong one. Its completely technical, includes few problems also. Subjects like thermodynamics, heat transfer, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing technology and many more were given. Most mechanical subjects were covered.
Written results took a month. Result came by post first and later on by mail.
Each candidate,s interview took about 15-20min.The panel consisted of 8 or 9 members. If any question is asked , then further questions were asked depending on answer given. Questions like:
Subjects you like most
Subjects you do not like
About engineering project.
About welding
Newtonian fluids
Types of processes in thermodynamics
How many types of beams are there
What kind of beam is aircraft
Thermodynamics problem was given on board that 2 vessels are connected through a pipe and finite pressure values were given in vessels, how will fluid flow. Same question if in one vessel pressure is finite and the other infinite, what happens
About "materials used" in any project works and paper presentations
Results took little more than a month.
All the best and best of luck to all those who are applying!

ISRO Placement Paper : General - Interview ISRO Guest house, Chennai - 7


Hello Friends, I have been called for interview in Chennai after shortlisted in written exam  .My branch is CSE.There were 8-9 members in the interview pannel.

After verification of the original certificates the TA will be given to each candidate. My turn was 9th as they were calling according to their rank in written exam.

I entered into the room when my turned, they politely told me to have seat. The chief of member asked me whats your favorite subjects.I told networking,Operating system and software engineering.While i told C they told its not a subject its a language.

One of the member started to ask question from Software Engineering. Questions were like this.......
1. Tell me any one of the life cycle model
2.Give details of the phases in the life cycle model
3.What is cost estimation,Tell me any one. I discussed about COCOMO model while he asked about this model
They asked the formula which is related to the cost estimation.
4.What is verification and validation etc..
And Many more questions they asked.........................
Final question was what is fibonacci series and its application write on the white board.
They didn,t ask any question from project however from other students they have asked question from project..


ISRO Placement Paper : Technical - Electronics Tamil Sr. Sec. School,Delhi -


helo friends, i appeared for ISRO written examinatiom on 22april,2007 for the post of Scientist Engineer.

paper was totally technical.Questions which i remembered are as follows:-

1) output resistance of  ideal OP AMP is:-
a)  0     b)   1    c)   infinite   d)   very high                                                                ANS:  a)    0

2)  waveguide acts as:-
a)  LPF   b)   HPF   c)   BPF   d)   BRF                                                                  ANS:  b)   HPF

3) quality factor of series RLC ckt. increases with:-
a) increase in R  b)  decrease in R  c) doesn,t depends on R   d) none of these         ANS: b) decrease in R.

4) energy stored in capacitor is given by:
a) CV     b)   0.5CV   c)  CV2    d)  0.5CV2                                                          ANS: d)    

5) CMRR of an OP AMP is given as 80db and Ad is 20000.Value of Acm  will be:-
a) 4   b)     8    c)     2    d)    1                                                                                 ANS: c)   2

some basic questions were based upon digital electronics,ckt. analysis,antenna theory,zener doides.


ISRO Placement Paper : Technical - Electronics Delhi - 22 April 2007


hello friends, i have attended the isro(electronics) exam held on 22nd April 2007 at DELHI.

the pattern was:
(1)all questions were technical 
(2)no GK question
80 questions in 90 mns.

The pattern of xam was so simple & scoring for those who have also prepared for GATE.

A max. number of questions were asked from Antenna,Microwave& EMFT,apart from this main concerns were Digital Electronics,fundamental question on Maths(integration & prob) were asked.

Basically all the questions were either based on formulas or simple logic.I have attempted approx. 60-65 questions,osme of them are as given below;
1-SNR is defined as: 4 options.

2-To calculate the number of RAMchips for a given one: 4 options

3-The correct value of COS(A) in terms of exponential:    4 options

4-A figure to represent which kind of Flipflop:   4 options

5-A prob. on adder with shift register to identified no. of clock used to show the output (ie1010)  4options

6-Three questions were asked on Zener Diode to evaluate variable resirance,min. passing current & variable supplied voltage.   4 options

7- A problem on line to which passes thru point (-1,2) and making equal intercepts on both axis:   4 options

8-Transformer core requried    4 options with high permiability & low hysteris losses etc. like difft. values

9-To evaluate the prob. to get  either of 2 color balls in a bag containg 6 red & 8 black balls     4 options

10-A wire length 2m having restiance 5 ohms, what will be the resitance if its length bcome 2 fold:    4options


ISRO Placement Paper : Technical - Other Sathyabama, Chennai - 22 April


Time: 90 min
Branch: Mechanical Engineering
Total No of Questions: 80
For correct answer: 3 marks
Wrong answer: -1 marks.

I will give only the harder questions as many as i remember....  I think there is no point in listing the dummy problems

1) Vander wal,s equation (We have to pick up the right answer from four choices)

2)To a heat engine a constant heat is supplied at 300kJ at 290 C and heat is rejected at 8.5 C. What is the heat rejected?
Ans : 150kJ

3)What is shrinkage allowance?
The dimensional allowance which must be made in molds to compensate for shrinkage of the plastic compound on cooling

4)Where spining operation is done?

5) What is the maximum height of a siphon?

6)Time bound varying material is called?

7)There are two bodies, one with high mass another with low mass. Both are having same kinetic energy. Their momentum will be?
a) Both the momumtum will be equal      b) Body of large mass will have high momentum.   c)b) Body of low mass will have high momentum          d)It depends uopn the velocities

8)Ratio of kinetic energies of two bodies is 1 : 4, The what is the ratio of their momentum?

9)What is the notch angle of izod impact test?

10) For a given nozzle angle and number of rows in the turbine, what is the optimum blade speed ratio?

11) A question on manometer with diagram

12) Two reservoirs are connected by a pipe of diameter D. Due to the chemical deposition the diameter is reduced by 20%. Neglect the frictional losses. How will the discharge will vary?

13)Around 10 questions on very basics of Matrices, Eigen values, Laplace.

14)A question on the position of metacenter

15) Match the following on Reynolds, weber, prandtl no

16) Problem on bulk modulus

17)What is the total volume change in a cylinderical vessel if strain e1 acts along longitudinal and stain e2 acts along tangential direction?

18)A question on belt friction

19)A turbine of periperal velocity V is designed for 100m head. what will be the periperal velocity of a turbine if the head is 800m?


ISRO Placement Paper : General - other Sathyabhama, Chennai. - 22 April


1.if diameter of antenna increase by 3,then gain of the antenna will be,
a.increase by 3
b.decrease by 3 change in gain

2.more number of problem from zener diode... 
3.vector sum from plus two book.. 
4.simple problem from parallel and series connection of resistor... two matrix problem   1    a    b+c

                                           1    b   a+c

                                           1    c    b+a

ans: zero
solve (D2+16)y=cos4x
ans:y= 4x+Bsin 4x+x/8 sin 4x half adder circuit... what are the gates used? 
8.conversion problem fron digital systems octal to binary
66.3(octal) to binary
9.formula for cos ax=? in terms of expo 
ans:   iax       -iax

         (e    + e         )/2
10.what is the o/p of 4:1 MUX? 
11.enegry stored in variable capacitor and constant voltage... 
ans : 2


13.they given a circuit,which convert binary to...?

a. BCD
b.excess 3
d.none of these

14.output impedance of ideal op-amp is...?   ans:  zero.
15.which one of the following is correct formula? choice are  simple formula like V=IR,F=eE,   etc...)
16. three problems from RLC ckt

ISRO Placement Paper : Technical - Electronics Delhi - 15 July 2006


Hi to all,

. If sampling frequency doubles then

a) Quantization noise decreases

b) Quantization density decreases

c) Quantization noise increases

d) Quantization density increases

2. Two signals of 2GHz and 4GHz are frequency modulated on same carrier 10 GHz. Find the ratio of frequency deviation if band widths of both are equal.

a) 1:2 b)2:1 c) 1:1 d) 1:4

3. Gray code of 111 is

4. 3X512+7X64+5X8+3 then value in binary form contains _______ number of 1s.

a) 7 b) 6 c) 9 d) none

5. The 2s compliment of decimal number 19 in 8-bit system is

a) 11101101

6) The high gain codes are

a) Turbo codes b) BCH codes c) R-S codes

7) BCH codes are of the type________

a) Convolutional type b) c)

8) Time constant of LC circuit is

a) L/R b) L/R2 c) RL

9) If R is doubled and C is halved then frequency of series RLC circuit is

10) The solution for the equation (D2+4) y=sin2x is

11) Laplace Tramsform of sin3x is

12) The Z-transform for the series is

X [n] = { 7; n= -1

{5 n=0

{ 1 n=1

{0 else

13) The magic Tee is a

a) 4 port tee b) c)

14) The register which holds the address of the next instruction is

a) Program counter b) c)

15) The antenna gain is given by...............?

a16) The satellite is in 630km orbit and transmitting at a frequency 5 MHz, when satellite is on your head the Doppler shift is--------

a) b) c) 0 d)

17) The impedance of a lossless transmission line is

a) √(L/C)

18) A 50Ώline with load impedance 100Ώ the VSWR is

19) In a waveguide measurement, the forward power is 10mW, the reverse power is 1mW then VSWR is _____________

20) Transmitted power is 100W, gain of the transmitter antenna is 30 dB and the path loss is 50 dB then received power is

21) When transmitted power is 100mW and the path loss 100 dBm then received power is

a) -80 dBm

22) When a em wave is incident normally on a perfect conductor then

a) Totally reflected b) partially reflected

c) Totally transmitted d) none.

23) Zsc =100Ώ Zoc =1Ώ then Zo is

a) 1Ώ b) 10Ώ c)___d)__

24) When the operating wavelength of line is λ/4<λ<λ/2, the impedance is

a) Capacitive b) inductive c) ____ D) none

25) The value of L if source is 50V AC of 10 KHz frequency and current is 7.96 A.

a) ____

26) The resonant frequency is 50MHz bandwidth 100 KHz then Q factor is

a) ______ b)_______ c)..

27)The Q factor of a series RLC circuit is


28) Q value of a parallel RLC circuit is ________


29) If the lines x+y+3=0, x-2y+7=0, 2x+ky+5=0 are required to be concurrent then the value of k is___ a) ___ b)..

30) The vectors i-2j+k, 2i+3j-k,R are the complete, then r is given by ______

31) If a satellite revolving with angular velocity w and the velocity is v then

Curl v is _______

a) w b) 2w c) w 2 d) ..

32) If each stage amplifier contains 10dB gain the figure of merit of 2-stages is

Given by

33) The maximum rate possible in kbps if F=15 and bandwidth is 4 KHz is.

34) The maximum time allowed for each flip flop for a ripple counter of mod-1024 , if clock given to it is 1MHz is ..

35) The maximum time allowed time for each flip flop for a mod 10 synchronous counter if each flip flop delay is 25ns.

a) 25 ns b) 50 ns c) 100 ns d) none

36) The high speed for CML gate is due to operating it in --------- region.

a) non saturation

37)In a micro processor the wait states are inserted to

a) make the processor to wait during DMA operation

b) make the processor to wait during an interrupt processing

c) make the processor wait during a power shutdown.

d) interface the slow peripherals to the processor.

38) In a digital voltmeter the ADCs used are of type

1. successive 2.flash type 3. Dual slope

in ascending order of time is

  1. a) 2,1,3 b) 1,2,3 c) 3,1,2 d) none

39) The number of NAND gates are required to implement AӨB (XOR), assuming compliments

not available .

40) The resolution for a DAC is given by 0.4% then no. of bits of DAC is

a) 8- bits

41) The chip capacity is 256 bits, then the no.

of chips required to build 1024 B memory


  1. a) 32 b) 16 c) 15)

42) Which of the following are correct?

1. A flip-flop is used to store 1-bit of information

2. Race around condition occurs in JK flip flop when both the inputs are 1

3. Master slave flip flop is used to store 2 bits of information

4. A transparent latch consists of a D- flip flop

a) 1, 2,3 b) 1,3,4 (ANS) c)1,2,4 d) 2,3,4

43) The bit rate of a QPSK compared to BPSK is

a)half b) double c) same

44) There are 5 red balls and 5 black balls in a box. The probability to select 2 balls one after other without reputting is,

a) 2/9 b) 1/90 c) 11/90 d) none

45) The rms voltage is obtained by multiplying peak by a factor

a) 1/√2

46) H(s)=S/(S+a) is a transfer function of ______

a) LPF b) Notch c) BPF d) HPF

47) Resistance of a 2 parallel resistors is 12Ώ and the effective resistance when one resistor broke is 18Ώ then the value of resistance in another is_________

48)The output of a phase modulator when input applied is integrating signal is

a)FM b) AM c) PM d) none

49) For a transformer the losses which vary with load are

a) core losses b) copper losses c) Hysterises losses d) none.

50) The waves which cannot be transmitted in waveguide are

a) TE b) TEM c) TM d) none

51) Diplexer is a

a) circulator only b)only transmitter filter c) only receiver filter

d) both transmitter and receiver filter

52) δ(t) represents impulse then ∫( δ(t) cos 2t )dt with limits 0 to infinity is

a) 1, b) -1 c) infinity d ) 0

53) ∫1/(x√(x2-a2)) dx is


ISRO Placement Paper : Technical - Other Hyderabad - 30 June 2005


   Hi friends,                  

Written Test for Scientist / Engineer_SC :  [ Mechanical Engineering ]

Date: 30-06-2005

Place: St. Annes School, Hyderabad. 

                                       Question Pattern for Written Examination

      80 Questions

      2.00 hrs Duration

      Negative Marks

      All are Objective & Multiple choice Questions.


 1  The concept  of  ---------------------------------- derived from the ZEROTH LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS.


2  The concept of  ------------------------------------- derived from the SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS.


3  The expression for  isentropic index [] in terms of number of degrees of freedom

( n ) ------------------------

                                                                        1+ [ 2 / n] 

4  The critical  Reynolds no upto which the viscous flow exists in pipe  -------------------



5   Two forces  of equal magnitude P acts at right angles to each other and having  same directions. Find out the expression for their resultant [R ]--------------------

                                                                         [2] P 

6  The angular frequency of handclock------------------

                                                                                /30 rad/s

7   The equation for free torsional vibration----------------------------

                                                                                [1/2] [q/I]                                                                         


8    A thin cylinder is subjected to longitudinal stress 0 and internal pressure P , findout the maximum shearstress developed in it [ q max]  ------------------------

                                                                                                         0.5 0

9  Rate of moment of momentum is equal to the -------------------------

                                                                              Torque applied by the body 

10  The expression for loss of energy [he ] due to sudden enlargement of the pipe--------

                                                                                  he =[v1-v2]/2g                                                                               

 11  A spring of stiffness K is divided into n number of springs. Each spring having stiffness ---------------------------


12 The non-dimensional number corresponds to

                                    [inertia force\compressibility force]------------------------------                                                           Euler number 

13 Equation for forced vortex flow-----------------------------

                                                                           v/r = constant 

14 The causes of cavitation

Metallic surfaces are damaged

Noise & vibrations 

15  How to increase the thermal efficiency in Carnot cycle by-------------------------------

                                                                   Decreasing low temperature

 16  The slenderness ratio in columns can be obtained from the ---------------

                                                         Least radius of gyration  

17   50:1 gear reduction ratio possible in-----------------

                                                              worm gear

18  Wire drawing property named as -------------------------


19  One man is standing in the elevator and the elevator is moving in the upward direction. What type of reading regarding the weight of man will we get from gauge---------------

                                                          The weight of man shown by the gauge will more the actual weight of the man. 

20   LMTD for counterflow heat exchanger is compared to parallel to heat exchanger-----


21   The free damping equation  2y +  3y +8y =0. Calculate  damping factor (D.F )--------



22  The discharges for  the two parallel pipes of same lengths are  Q1 & Q2 respectively and their diameters are 200 mm & 800 mm respectively. Calculate the  ratio of discharge of smaller pipe to larger pipe.


23  A compressor is used to compress the air from 5 bar to 10 bar .Calculate its critical pressure [ P٭]----------------------

                                                                 2.64 bar 

24   Equivalent twisting moment------------------------------

                                                                           Te = [T + M] 

25  The shear stress distribution in pipe flow -----------------------------

                                                                            Centre is zero and linearly varying from the center to the wall 

26   The irrational component in x-y is--------------

                                                          v/x = u/y 

27 The ratio kinetic viscosity/thermal diffusivity is -------------

                                                                             Nusselt Number


28   The cylinder is subjected to insulations K & 2K  at the outside surface to avoid heat transfer. In order to arrest heat transfer effectively , which insulation should be provided first at the outer surface?

                                                             2K & K respectively


29  The wall having conductivities

K1      K2

 Findout the equivalent conductivity of the material--------------------?


29   The maximum amplitude in this vibration equation y = 6 sint    --------


30   The thermal boundary layer in an ideal fluid flow is --------------


31  What does tend to stagnation point -----------------------

                                                         The velocity is 0 at the stagnation point due to the increase in pressure energy from the conversion of K.E into P.E. 

32    Match the following:

           i.            subsonic nozzle                           :  figure

         ii.            Supersonic nozzle                        :  figure

        iii.            Subsonic diffuser                          : figure

       iv. Centrifugal compressor                 :  figure


33   The factor of safety subjected to number of cycles related to

                                                                 Endurance limit 

34   In composite beam , width is directly proportional to -----------------------------------

if the depth of the beam is kept constant.


35   The heat transfer rate of hollow cylinder is inversly proportional to the following

---------------------------------                     r2/r1                                                                                  


36  A material  at 300C is immersed in  water at 30C such that it will take  170 seconds to become 150C .

A same material at 300C is put in air at 30C but  it will take 200 seconds to become 150C. What is the reason behind it ?

                                                               K of water is more compared to air 

37  Radiation is ------------------------------------------ wave phenomenon

                                                               Electromagnetic without medium


38  The compression ratio[r] of petrol engine ranges from -------------------

                                                                 6 to 10


39  Q/T =0 and s=0 corresponds to ----     irreversible & adiabatic

40      Cold working of metal increases ----------------------

                                            Tensile strength


41   The power absorbed in belt drive depends on-----------------------

                                                        Tension in tight side, Tension in slack side, coefficient of friction & Radius of pulley.


42   The temperature loss related -------------- hysteresis loss


43    The convergent pipe having entry and exit diameters are 100 and 50 mm respectively, find out their velocity ratio from entry to exit..


44   They had given one composite circular pipe having 4 varying cross sections . They are 2D, 1.5D, 4D & D respectively. The water is entering at velocity V at section 1 and leaving at section 4. Find out the pressure decreasing order



45  The bulb having weight 150N supported by two ropes and attached to the walls having angles 45 & 60. Findout the reaction forces in the ropes ?

                         This is related to Lamis theorem


46  A hollow sphere of radius r . A particle is moving with coefficient of friction 1/[3] inside the sphere from wall . which height will it become rest?


47   The disc is resting on the rough wall by a rope tied at the center . The rope makes angle with the wall around 30. The tension in the string is ----------than the weight of the disc.                                          more


48  A railway wagon containing partially full of water. Which angle----------------


49   Findout the graph between discharge [Q] in the x-axis and head [H] in the y-axis----------                                             


50  In welding pitch dimension is limited to----------------------


51  The composition of inconel alloy------------------- 

52  There is a heat transfer between two walls having thickness  and  conductivities k1 & K2 respectively. The linear temperature  profile of first wall is more steeper than the second wall . Findout the ratio K1/K2  ---------------------

a) >0         b) <0       c)=0  d) the given data is insufficient


53  The max shear stress developed in solid circular shaet is 100 MPa . Calculate the max normal stress developed in it?            ??????


54  This question related to welding -------------


55  Bearing liner-------------------------

 a) Babbit metal b) Gun metal


56   Electrical resistance material --------------Nichrome


57  This question related to radiation


58  A sun emits 1150K at 0.5. A furnace emits 300k from small door --------------


59    In the simple pendulum , the maximum amplitude depends on -------------------         increase in length


60   The fuel flow increases if-------------------------

                        a) exhaust valve burnt b) filter choke c) silencer choke

61    The jet propulsion depends on-------------

a)      jet velocity b) weight ratio


62     What is the condition for perfect frame-------------------------------------


63     Depth of cut can be increased by-----------------------


64     The workpiece can be held in-----------------


65    This is related toNucleate boiling


66    What is the expression for Reynolds number in terms of diameter of the pipe..Re =VD/


67    Air conditioning means---------------

a)      cooling & heating b)dehumidifying c) removing impurities from air d)all

 68  Fibrous fracture occurs in ------------------------

a)brittle fracture b) ductile fracture c)shear fracture d)none


69   In laser beam machining , the workpiece should be--------------

a)absorbed by all the rays b) reflected by all the rays


70   Foam and coke are good insulators. Why?-----------------------

a)less density b)


71   Gold property------------------

a)good conductor b)good insulator


72   In lathe , the workpiece can be held in --------------------------------------

a) live center  b)steady rest  c)3-way chuck  d)4-way chuck


                                     INTERVIEW PATTERN


              I.      Project Explanation


           II.      Fluid Mechanics:

                                 i.            Define laminar flow & Turbulent flow

                               ii.            What is the value of Reynolds no in pipe flow

                              iii.            What is the significance of Reynolds no

                             iv.            Head losses in pipe

                               v.            Define boundary layer in pipe flow & thickness of boundary layer

                             vi.            What is the variation of in laminar & turbulent flow


         III.      Strength of materials

                           i.            Draw the figure for spring damper system

                         ii.            Differential equation for spring damper system

                        iii.            Find out the deflection of spring damper system

                       iv.            Define stiffness and unit of stiffness


        IV.      Material Science

                             i.            Ferrous materials

                           ii.            Non-ferrous materials

                          iii.            Define fatigue

                         iv.            Define fatigue resistance?

                           v.            Curve for fatigue

                         vi.            Fatigue limit


ISRO Placement Paper : Aptitude - General

ISRO Sample Question

  1. The root directory of disk should be placed at___    
  2. DNS is basically used to ____
  3. one more ques on DNS
  4. abt TCP and UDP
  5. TCP,s which layer is there for the OSI,s first three layers.
  6. Multiprocessing models have---          a)symmetric 

        b)unsymmetric models 

        c)none of the above 

        d) both

  7.  BCDhave binary nos in           a)bis  

             b) bytes 


  8. Top-down parser ....
            a) leftmost derivation
            b)rightmost derivation
            c)leftmost derivation in reverse
            d)rightmost derivation in reverse
  9. Loop which avoids check at every iteration
       a) loop controlling 

      b) loop jamming

  10. one tree was given and some expressions were there and we have to find the correct postfix exprn
  11. abt logic gates
  12. worst case of Shell sort
  13. sine wave can be split into     
         a)set of sine waves
         b)set of sine waves with phase zero
  14. Full binary tree with n vertices has how many leaf nodes  somethng like this...
  15. Complete graph with n vertices and somethng
  16. in a cyclic graph with n vertices how many minimum edges



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