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Download nhpc Placement Papers in MS Word and PDF Format for Job Interview

List of all download nhpc placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Click Here View Job List. This page will help you to get all details about download nhpc placement papers in ms word and pdf format for job interview. Download nhpc placement papers in PDF and Ms word format. Latest and nhpc last 5 years placement papers with solutions pdf download for campus job.

NHPC Placement Paper : NHPC Placement Papers AUGUST 2010

Hii! I am chaitanya written nhpc exam on 8th Sunday 2010 and I had remembered some of those questions hope this may be useful for you. Anyways check the answers in possible and if you have any queries please contact me
1.Which one the following is the smallest continent?
a.Asia c.australlia d.north America
2.who secured 17,000 runs in one-day internationals?
a.sachin b.ricky ponting c.none d.bradman
3.Jnanpeeth award will be give in the field of___?
a.sculpture b.paintings d.literature the period of 2007 which one of the following bank had provided huge amount of money to india?
a.asian welfare bank bank (PLEASE CHECK THE ANSWER)
5.which one of the players are associated with lawn tennis?
a.mahesh bhupathi b.pete Sampras c.______d.both a&b
6.india is largest exporter of _________?
a.minerals b.tea goods d.none
7.begum akthar belongs to which one of the following field?
a.sitar b.writer d.MUSIC
8.which one the following is not matched correctly?
a.M.S Subba laxmi-bharatanatyam
9.indus valley civilization near Pakistan is at__
a.Harappa Mohenjo-Daro
10.the maximum gap between two parliament sessions is____
a.3months b.6months c.12 months d. 2months
11.MAN SAN HAUN(some name like this is give I dnt remember exactly)belongs to which country?
a.phillipines b.thailand c.
12.Dialysis is the treatment for weak_____?
A. heart b. lungs c. kidney d. gall bladder
13. The largest oil company in india is________
14. Which of the following is the largest planet?
a.Jupiter b.Saturn c.Venus d.Mars

1. Observe the following
I. A means greater than
II. B means not equal to
III. C means equal to
IV. D means not greater than
V. E means not less than
VI. F means less than
If (P B Q) and (P D Q)
2.If a person starts at appoint ,P, and turns right and walks 7Kms straight then again turns right and walks 3Kms and again turns right and walks 10Kms the person is at which direction from starting point?
A.South-west b. South-east c. west d. North-east
3. find the missing
10 12 14
20 22 24
30 __ 34
(Five similar questions of above has given)
a.24 b. 22 c. 32 d. 24

5. find the missing
5, 7,11,___
(Five similar questions of above has given)
6.If in A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z starting from B if alternative alphabets are small & remaining are capital letters then how can be SEARCHING can be represented as?
a.SeArCHinG b.SEaRchINg b. sEArChInG

7. If four people are sitting for a photo.Of them sita is right to geetha,and rani is left side to geetha and reeta is right side to sita then in the photo who will be second from left side?
A.Sita b. Reeta c. Rani D.Geetha
And some coding and decoding of words are give (around 6questions give)

1. Transmission line size is inversely proportional to _____
a. Current b. voltage c. power factor d. both b&c
2.the current is concentrated at the outer surface of the conductor it is called__ effect b.corona
3.bundled conductors used for____
4.the inductance increases with ______
5.the scr circuit is connected by RL in series.if the delay time is to be increased then the following has to be done?
a.increase incutance b. decrease inductance c.increase resistance d. decrease resistance
6.scr will not ON at which conditions____?
7.transposition of the transmission line is done to__
a.reduce skin effect b.reduce influence of communication line c.increasing efficiency decrease losses
8.the line used for traction purpose___(interms of kv)
9.with reference to earth if the diameter of the conductor is increased the____
a.capacitance increases b.inductance increases c.capacitance decreases change
10.easily fastly responding memories___
a.semi conducting memories b.magnetic tapes c.magnetic disks d.external memories.
11. the transformer oil is used for____?
a.cooling b.isolation c.none
12.The sag of the line doesn,t depend on the following factor____
a.temperature effect c.current d.environmental changes.
13.IN 3-phase ∆-∆ connection transformer if one of the phase is disconnected the the voltage will be
A.1/√3 b.2/√3 c.√3 d.1/3
14.The synchronous machine at power stations used for____
A. improving power factor
15. The instrument used for DC measurements is_____
a. PMMC b. induction type c. coil type
16.The instruments used for AC Measurements is__________
17. The bridge which have high value of Q-factor is________?
18. Creeping of the scale in measuring instruments can be reduced by________
19. The bridge used for measuring the unknown value of capacitance___________
20. When the range of the voltmeter is to be extended the value of resistance inserted will be____
a. (Rm-1) b. (Rm+1) c.Rm/1
21. In semi conductor the conduction is due to ______
A. electrons &holes b. positive ions &negative ions c. electrons d. holes
22. If the length of line increases the inductance________
a. Increases b. decreases c. remains unchanged
23. Which of the following is the metal?
a.carbon b.sulphur c.arscenic d.copper
24.Which of the following has negative temperature coefficient?
a.Tungsten b.copper c.carbon
25.DMA stand for Direct memory access
26.In high frequency transformers_______is used
A. Ferrites
27.transformer cannot change the following_
a.voltage b.current c.power d.frequency
28.If a generator with 250V,speed 1500rpm and shunt resistance of10 amperes & armature current of 2.5amperes is made to run as motor with 200V then the speed of the motor will be________
29.If the induction machine made to run more than the synchronous speed the it is called Induction generator.

NHPC Placement Paper : NHPC Question paper(March 8, 2009)

NHPC Question paper(March 8, 2009, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)
Hi friends!
This is Tarang Bhattacharya from DIT, Dehradun. Today I appeared in written test conducted for the post of engineer trainee in NHPC. DAV degree College was the centre for examination. BJP,s PM in waiting L K Advani visited the Dehradun today in context of next parliamentary election campaign
...By the way ,test paper consist of three different sections
1 .General Awareness (30 Qs) 2. Quant + reasoning(30 qs) 3. Technical aptitude(branch wise 140 Qs)
Fortunately, I got memorized some questions which I want to share with u guys........ All of them were objective type. I am writing here only Q&As or fill in the blanks.....
1.who won the US open 2008 womens title.....serena williams
2.who got the highest price in IPL 08 bid of players...MSD rank of india in cotton production...2 or 3 according to diff books.
4.writer of Enchantrance of Florence .......sulman rushdie
5.writer of argumentating Indian........amartya sen
6.satyamev jayte has been taken from ....Mundaka upnishad
7. in april 2008 Pak tested ........shaheen 2
8.UN gen secretary is chosen by......General assembly
9.which of the following has the description about kalinga war...13th rock edict 261 B.C.
10. amartya sen got Nobel prize for branch of economics......development economics
11.first women president in any org. in india.....Anne Besent
12.which planet is known as red planet..... mars
13.members of nobel prize foundation belongs to........sweden
14. plants absorb during photo synthesis.........CO2
15.which one belongs to Yamini krishnamurti......Bharat natyam
16. first factory in india.........
17. New games in SAF games 2010.....
18.which government body take decision about revenue distributionbetween state and central commission.
19.higest legal officer in union government......attorny genral
20. how many are the fundamental duties of a Indian citizens
21.which is not categorized in infrastructure ...1 power sector 2 food sector 3....4....
22.whre is rajiv Gandhi youth welfare the state
Quant + reasoning
There were very simple Qs in this section . After some hits, they can be tackled easily...need not to worry abt this section......
Technical Aptitude
There were very standard and basic questions in this section covering the entire syllabus of mechanical engineering (B Tech/B E) but some subjects got more emphasis with 8 to 12 questions from each subject like theory of machines, engineering mechanics, production technology, strength of materials, IC engines,thermodynamics. Apart from it 2 or 3 questions were from each of 30 to 40 subjects .
Some questions........
1. Zeroth law of thermodynamics
2. Why moderators are used in nuclear power plant
3. Glass plate is opaque for..?
4. Pelton wheel is best suited for....high head low discharge
5. A circular plate of half the radius of larger circular plate(r=6) is cut from it(cresent shape). Find the location of new C.G.
6. APF for HCP
7. If width of cantilever beam is halved deflection would be........
8. Area under stress strain curve up to fracture point .......toughness
9. Bearing characteristics.....
10. Break even point is intersection of following lines.....
11. Enthalpy remains constant during.........throttling
12. Vegetable oil can be employed in ....type of IC engine
13. Name the circle from which involute profile is generated
14. Question on Newton s law of viscosity
15. Fluid is ........four options describing fluids
16. Question on coeff of thermal expansion, thermal stress, ratio in young mod was given
17. What do we do with queing theory
18. Why does white metal is used in bearings.....
19. 8 to 12 Qs were from heat treatment , steel compositions and iron carbon diagram
20. What is effort of governor?
21. Function of bleeding steam in boilers.
22. Does shaft weight affect torque transmitted?
23. More CO will be produced in 1 idling 2 cruising 3 slowdown 4 accelerating
24. Pascal law is applicable to .....static fluids
25. Which one of following is a 1.thermodynamic 2. Intensive property...4 options each Q
26. Type of tress in torque transmission....
27. Why crowning in pulleys is done
28. Hydrodynamic lubrication
29. PERT stands for......
30. Al Ni Co is magnetic or not
31. Shear angle in metal cutting..
32. Why Ni is added to steel ,copper?
33. Why Ni+cu is added to steel n iron
34. What are allotropic changes...
35. What happened at recrystallisation temperature
36. In cupola furnace molten metal accumulates in.......
37. What are fully killed steels?
38. Question on screw thread angle?
39. What does radius of mohr circle indicate?
40. In uniaxial stress max shear stress .......
41. No of elastic coefficient.......
42. Q on creep and fatigue
43. If helical spring is halved , deflection will be.....
44. Q on projectile motion 45 deg highest point was given...range?
45. Why only rocket engines are used in satellite lauch....4 option
46. String diagrams are used in.....
47. Water hammer occurs in.....
48. Various pipes connected in series...4 conditions
49. What is surging?
50. Velocity of fluid layer adjacent to flat surface in laminar flow
51. How do we measure the velocity of fluid in the correct instrument
52. Question on Archimedes principle ..condition of floating body
53. Condition of irrotational flow...
54. Condition of stream line flow...
55. Wet bulb depression is....
56. Internal energy is a function of temp only
57. Isentropic process....reversible adiabatic process
58. Higher octane no. means......
59. Thermocouple works on......sebeck effect
60. Name the insulator material used in spark plug
61. Ball socket joint is.....type of pair
62. Which of following is a lower pair
63. Q,s from theories of failure
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