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These indian overseas bank company papers are just samples to help you to prepare for job interview. Download them on your mobile and computer and study them.
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    IOB - Indian Overseas Bank Clerk Exam Solved Question Paper
    1. ,Players, are related to ,Team, in the same way as ,Books, are related to(1) Exams (2) Library(4) Writer (5) ChapterAns: (2)2. Shreya started from Point P and walked 2 m towards West. She then took a right turn and walked 3 m before taking a left turn and walking 5 m. She finally took a left turn, walked 3 m and stopped a Point Q. How far is Point Q from Point P?(1) 2m (2) 6m (3) 7m (4) 8m (5) 12mAns: (3)3. In a certain code ,where have you been, is written as ,been 4 have 3 where 2 you l, and…
    Indian Overseas Bank Probationary Officers Exam - 2008 Solved Question Paper
    1. As we all know rise of the ,BRICs, has left a vast impact on almost all aspects of the global economy. However, which of the following cannot be called as the direct effect(s) of ,Rise of the BRICs, on global/other powerful economy/economies ?1. Countries like China wish to learn more about outsourcing from India.2. It has made countries to suffer from Sub-prime Crisis.3. EURO has become a powerful currency and many non-Euro countries are in ,Swap Agreement, with various nations.(A) Only 1(B)…