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    10 November 2008 ,Technical - Other
    1) Match the followinga)C i)Platform independentb)C++ ii)Object Oriented Programmingc)Java iii)Platform dependentA) a-iii,b-ii,c-I B) a-ii,b-iii,c-I C) a-iii,b-I,c-ii D) a-I,b-iii,c-ii 2) Multiple inheritance is supported by which languageA) C B) C++ C)Java D) .net3) How many classes can single .net DLL containA)1 B) 2 C) 5 D)many4) Web service can only be written in .net.A) True B) False C) cant say D)none5) What data type do the Range validator control supportA)Int B)String C) Date D) all6) Is…