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These slk software company papers are just samples to help you to prepare for job interview. Download them on your mobile and computer and study them.
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    SLK Software Placement Papers
    1. A rectangle of size 3 and 4 is given. Find the circumference of the circle outside to thisrectangle is?Ans: - 5 π2. Two circles are given. The radius of the lager is 3 times of the smaller. Area of a arc is 2for the smaller then find the area of the larger arc.Ans: - 543. Profit - loss question- cost price is Rs. 600. Gain is 20% and loss is 5%. What is the costprice of the item having a loss of 5%?Ans: - 4404. Permutation - combination problem. A group of 8 boys going somewhere in two cars.5…
    Latest SLK Software Sample Paper
    1) number 50 should be divided such that sum of reciprocals is 1/12ans 30:202)some number divided by 6,9,12ans 180 or 9543)some question on train timeans 7.05SLK Latest IT Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 1 20054)some question on protif and loss i.e some things are sold at 20 gain and loss 20 what is net profit or lossans 4%5)partnership problem3:4 is the ratio using this divide profit appro(2250,2850 not exactly I remember)6)typist typing pagesans 47)one problem on clock angle8)chain…